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Endless Legend is Epic

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Endless Legend is Epic Empty Endless Legend is Epic

Post by Bloodtrailkiller on Mon 11 Aug 2014, 6:45 am

Seriously, check it out.
Unfortunately, it's not free :T
BUT, the fact it's so god damned amazing is furtherly amazing because it's still in >BETA<. Not even released and I've sunk in many good hours of awesomeness...
It can get unbalanced as it's not yet perfected, and I've effectively made a unit I can make that sells for 1556k Dust/Dosh... Although, it takes a shit ton of resources and about 10~ turns to make. So I guess it's balanced.

At any rate, this game is just... it makes me feel badass every time. Everything feels like it could be in a book.
For example, a recent battle occurred as I'd decided my Iron-Breaker warhost ought to clean up my territory of all the roaming AI scouts/spies and small vagabond armies 
All was well, my Iron-Breakers were already Rank 5's, [A.k.a. Elites] and the kills bumped them up to the 6-7 range; making them rival most of my enemies heroes. 
But, I'd gotten cocky or maybe I was tired and I stepped into a fight even my Iron-Breakers would flinch at.
My group, numbering at 6 bands of troops.
I believe there were 4 Iron-Branded; two handers who excelled at getting critical hits. I'd OP-ified them by min-maxing their damage and crit, though they were rather squishy.
One Ironborn, my tank. Literally; they can sit in one spot and smack an enemy to regain most, if not all, the HP they lost. Downside is that they don't exactly deal much damage, and they're not exactly the first to swing.
And One band of Riders of the Storm. My cripple-cavalry. Their spears cut the enemies initiative to half and they deal a nice bit of damage to normal troops. 
Of course, there was my Bloody Baron. My first [and only] Hero/General. I speced him out to buff the army's crit rate and he himself utilized a blade that took advantage of the Everwinter.

Oh, did I mention? After 300 turns, the game 'Ended'. Scores were tallied  but the game went on. However, about five turns before the end; an Everwinter starts.
Endless Legend works with a sort of seasonal turn-turn basis like TW or Civilization. Summer is when you get shit done, Winter is when you pray you got enough shit done to make it through.
However, like I'd said, Everwinter kicks in at around 295 turns. I didn't know this and it took me by storm because I thought it was just a bug a few people were getting.
But nope. It's an actual thing that happens. 
My economy was getting strangled as my usual builds for my city's population [which you distribute to focus on either Industry, Science, Food, Dust, or Influence] were meant for SHORT winters, which I was getting. And full exploitation of the Summer seasons.
However, Everwinter, as I'd said, strangled my economy. I was lucky and had plenty of spare strategic and luxury resources to keep me floating as I figured something out. The 1.5k unit-sell was one thing, another was focusing on getting dust and heroes.
A hero/Governor ability lets cities ignore Winter influences; which is pretty fkkn handy since Winter REALLY messes with economies. So I got my ass out of the snow and started acting like a real viking.

Kicking ass and taking names with small but elite forces that traversed the once hot deserts, now ice cold flats and glaciers. 

But, back to the battle.

The battle included my Iron-Breakers who counted six; about 34 troop-models.
And I faced 26 Vine-snakes. Vine-snakes aren't like, slithery vine-looking snakes. Nuh-uh. This is Endless Legend; and everything has to look at least half-badass.
Vine-snakes are basically Hydras. Complete with painful damage though lacking in regenerative heads[for which I'm thankful for]
I remembered Vine-snakes from my early beginnings as Probably-not-Endless Legend, but now I was hardened as Iron and I was going to earn that title of Endless Legend. 
Each of these Vine Snakes were about Rank-4, with a couple Rank 5's and 6's. So I felt I had the advantage. 
I set my troops up on the cliffs, though my Iron-born were too slow to make it[there wasn't space] and were trapped down to suffer the beatings of three Hydras at one time. They would have to survive until my Iron-Branded and other forces could cleave through the Hydras and support them.

The Battle commenced.

My Iron-Branded work fast, they kill things before they even know they've been killed. And they charged down the slopes on either side of the cliff-face and smashed into the Hydras below.
Their charge bonus let them cut through the serpents like a hot knife through butter. The first round was being carved to the names of the Iron Lords of Norstros in Hydra flesh.
Three went down, it was monumental for me as these Hydras were the bane of my existence early-game. But there were still 23 left on the field and they swarmed forth like a tidal wave of scale and tooth and claw.
However, my Iron-Branded fought from elevated positions; cleaving down unto the serpents heads and they were as futile as waves upon a coastal shore.
Their heads rolled, and their black ichor stained the weapons of my Iron-Branded, their crimson cloaks turned a queer purple hue as the hydras warmth vanished to the air and their bodies froze to the ground.

Once more, my Iron-Branded fell upon the Hydras, once more slicing through the massive swarm.
The Iron-born trapped in a crag of the cliff-face fought with tooth and nail against the Hydras.
They fell, slowly but surely they were diminishing as they held their line.
But, what is Dead my Never Die. But Rises; Harder, Stronger.
And so they did, their blades fed their souls with vigor and the fallen rose, armor mending, blood clotting, shields up and blades ready as they kept on the brutal fight as they waited for their Branded brothers to come.

My Bloody Baron stood upon the edge of the cliff, watching his Iron-born fight against a solid mass of hydras below him. His Iron-Branded slicing through the flesh of hydras and making slow but sure progress.

However, the Iron-Branded were now pushing on flat ground, their downhill-advantage was lost and now they fought on even grounds with the Hydra. A few had fallen, though their souls could be resurrected with Dust.
A path of black ichor and purple scales were left behind them and their blades dripped with the blood of hydras, still thirsty for more.
Now though, the Hydras surged forth with the realization of their foes lost advantage... or perhaps it was simple feral rage. They smashed into the Iron-Branded and... they did not get repelled.
Teeth sunk into the Iron's armor and tossed them as though they were toy soldiers. 
But, with each kill; each Iron-Branded swung his sword, even as arms were removed, torso's split open and their bodies tossed. Their blades swung at the Hydra's heads and each death of the Iron Branded was returned with absolute fury that made the Everwinter tremble at its heat...

The day wore on, and the sun was setting on the icy ocean horizon; The Bloody Baron stalked towards the frontlines, stepping over hydra corpses and a few Iron-Branded. Iron-Branded do not become corpses, they simply await for their souls to return; their hands moving slowly over handles or blades, or teeth and scale, sighing and breathing in what little dust flows through their armor.
The Bloody Baron eventually reached the frontline; The Iron-Branded and Born stood aside eachother as the last Hydra waited at the end of a cliff.
The Iron Breakers made a path for their Baron, who brandished his spear and sallied forth to meet the Last Hydra in a final fight.

The Last Hydra was massive; heads large and small, writhing in a mass of scale, eyes, and teeth. It stood as large as a castle rampart and the largest head had teeth the size of the Baron himself.
Despite the oncoming fight that seemed fit for the ages. The Baron studied the serpent and already had a spot picked to end the beast in a single thrust. 
He flourished his spear, twirling it and practicing his moves to parry teeth and smack away the heads; ready to kill the beast and return to The Dust Flats, and embrace silence once more.
The Last Hydra roared a challenge that The Bloody Baron complimented with unerring silence as he set into a sprint, determining which head to deflect, which move to follow.
Soon enough, the Hydra raced forward and lunged at the Baron. A head the size of a car shot towards him and The Bloody Baron, for a moment, was lost; this wasn't a head that was there before, it was hidden by the mass!
It was no matter, the moment of hesitation earned the Last Hydra a chip in the pauldron of the Baron.
The Bloody Baron side stepped and reared his spear back, brandishing the single razor sharp edge and swung it upwards, moving forwards as the blade cut through the scale and meat beneath, setting the long body of the spear on his shoulder which he used to lever the blade up and through the beasts massive neck.
The head hadn't been severed, but a massive and deep cut was made and the beast shrieked hideously, pulling back as black ichor spewed froth like a geyser. The Bloody Baron was already making his final move. The other heads snapped and one clenched his left arm and tore it off; leaving a trail of red Soul as he held his spear still and dashed through the moving labyrinth of heads until he found himself at the beasts chest where he stepped back and rammed the spear into the heart of the beast...

There was no cheer, no outcry or clatter of swords on shields as the Bloody Baron emerged from the mass, clutching the removed arm.
There was only the sound of quiet iron hands clapping against eachother; a sound soft like rain on a roof.
The Iron Breakers were victorious, he sent word to the King and set two resurrecting his fallen...

Sorry, I just had to write something; I loved that battle too much and maybe it was the music and the tea that'd done it for me, but still.
I highly recommend this game, obviously...
My recent image was based off my Ironborn troops; they were one of my first High Quality troops. 
I was playing as The Broken Lords. They're basically Space-Ghost-Knights.
They retain humanity, conscious, and even reasonable ethics; but they are sustained by Dust. Truly magical particles that perform extraordinary feats. 
The Broken Lords are ancient powered suits that run on Dust and uphold ideas of chivalry and justice. However, they've found they can live longer and grow more powerful by sucking the Dust, essentially the life, out of other creatures. The action is immensely pleasurable but it goes against everything they mean to stand for. It causes quite an interesting rift of Ultimate OP Badass Good Guys, but they can only get stronger by being evil... Or so some think. Other Broken Lords pursue the theory and possibilities of another source of Dust; which is elaborated on via quests that reveal a  very fun and intriguing questline that is worded to make you really see and feel what's going on behind the scenes of you're empire.
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