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Night of the Dead

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Night of the Dead Empty Night of the Dead

Post by Stereo on Sun 22 Dec 2013, 10:35 pm

Last night I decided I would try some of the more difficult lobbies. Whale, Apollo Sec. Tm. is one of the hardest out there, nightmare mode makes it harder. Boasting limited ammo scarcely scattered around the map, enemies that sprint when they get close to you, and all enemies receive buffs to all of their stats. (Damage, health, armor, speed, attack spd, etc.)

Along with that, everyone starts out with a pistol and 15 magazines, instead of the usual GPR Assault Rifle and 30 mags. This makes the beginning a little difficult.

From the get go we had no medics, so that meant we would have to be self sufficient. Carry our own kits, our own anti venom, everything that heals you had to have, or ask for if someone had some to spare.

Now because the majority of the beginning is really lame, and uninteresting, I'll skip to the end.

At this point two people were dead, killed by a boss that can only be damaged if you're bleeding. We made a mistake, and two people got killed. So, with six men, we decide there's no way we can take the B Route boss, Hades. So instead, we left the timer to tick down until it chose A Route for us, or destroy Apollo. 

This takes you right to the end.

We immediately hauled ass north of an airlock tower to the Apollo power facility to override it, and blow the place sky high. However, the reactor is built oddly. It is sunk down a level, and on the level ground, there is a wall up. This wall has vision down into the hex space reactor. This means if we all huddle down, the infested have access to shoot down on us unmolested, because we can't see up.

We begin over heating the reactor, and suddenly shit just hits the fan. There are things unburrowing from all around us. I went onto the wall to make sure we would be okay, but suddenly I realized that I would be dead if I didn't move, as agrons give infested marines vision on high ground. So I quickly drop my last flare and run around to the hexes. There, the first person says "NO AMMO!"

I look at my ammo counter. 13 magazines. That is not a lot. In fact, up to this point, I probably breezed past 150 magazines easy, and only 10 of those were probably used on ambient spawns. We were half way done, two more people are tapped out, and it is up to the combat rifle man, the chemical expert, the psiops and me the other combat rifle to hold the line. The chem clicks empty at the 400/500 tick mark. Almost done. Then disaster.

My flare died off, and we no longer have vision of the high ground, the only thing saving us from an infested marine barrage of spines. Suddenly the other combat rifle drops dead, his last magazines dropping across the floor. With -1 magazines, it was a fools gamble.

I dashed for the magazines, taking all the hits until I expended my one and only life, and ran back. And then to my horror I realize I am short circuited. I have no shields, and no energy to use my abilities.

Their coming down the ramps now. The chem is out of energy, and we no longer have anything to stop them from flooding the small room. Then I realize I am dying of venom. No one had anti venom. The Psi Ops dies too. I take her place at the hex. 450 ticks. 50 ticks left. Then I notice I am in the red. My health depleting faster and faster. "Not like this!"

Finally a baneling unburrowed beneath me, reducing my poor marine into slag. The chem shortly after was killed by the infested marines.

The last person, a subtlety marksman, ran off. 475 ticks. We were so close. The tension as you watched people begin clicking empty. excitement...
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