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Mount and Blade 2 BANNERLORD [news and stuff]

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Mount and Blade 2 BANNERLORD [news and stuff] Empty Mount and Blade 2 BANNERLORD [news and stuff]

Post by Bloodtrailkiller on Tue 10 Dec 2013, 4:32 am

There's a devblog I didn't know existed; this looks brilliant, cannot wait for the release...

For you petty Consolers and other plebs that don't know about M&B...
It's a massive open world RPG/RTS where you create your character, with a fairly in depth character creator and descisions, and manage you and your warband/army/legion/whatever.
It has you maintaining this through wages and food, with morale being affected by both of those.
In battle, you command your troops from your own characters eye in either Third person or first person, after that; you can engage in glorious combat with your comrades in immersive and rather realistic 360 sword/axe/hammer/whatever combat.
The game also features heroes, which come with their own unique backstory and talents, some require money while some come for free to join you in jolly cooperation.
There's a butt ton of other stuff that comes with the game, and millions more that come with this easily moddable game; effectively giving it unlimited possibilities.
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