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Skyrim : Weapon Packs : Hal, you might like this

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Skyrim : Weapon Packs : Hal, you might like this Empty Skyrim : Weapon Packs : Hal, you might like this

Post by Bloodtrailkiller on Mon 09 Dec 2013, 4:04 am

I chose mods that weren't well known, like Immersive Weapons and the like... Feel free to add your own findings.

Has a nice handful of interesting weapons. Two of them are Greek, I think. One I know fer sure, the second I forget. But still; I know you're into them hoplitae... And there's that curved yet not so curved sword.

Either way, it's a nice small addition to your Skyrim that won't conflict with anything since it adds them in naturally. Just use the right patchers, ie; Wyre Bashes Bashed patch and Proccers if you use SkyRe
This one's a flintlock mod; you can easily just guess what that means.
Adds some gunpowder weapons with some rather applaud worthy models and textures, but, y'know. They're muskets, a new weapon type; pretty fun after you've been through and through skyrim and want something that changes the pace from swords, bows, xbows and magic...

I was rather underwhelmed by the arsenal in Skyrim (obviously), and this adds a butt ton of swords to the game, the textures are meh; but for the amount of swords added, not too shabby.
Some of the models are rather LARP-y though, so...
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