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Skirmish at Bedum

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Skirmish at Bedum Empty Skirmish at Bedum

Post by oslo on Sat 08 Dec 2012, 1:39 am

Skirmish at Bedum 6d3bd6b5a45e4c65c9a37f0f9dbfb
Skirmish at Bedum C51bca7842e25a88e3546cda8178b

Skirmish at Bedum A59ff2721597672f929aaa59d3b7e
Skirmish at Bedum 184bf024ac133b7a4589b75cc84b4
Skirmish at Bedum 37542228983dccf26cb56630a2894
Skirmish at Bedum 96bf52c1d3c84a3ae6f535f535ec0Skirmish at Bedum E6f9df5940149d9fe37e1ca8c48dc

Basically, me and BTK cut off all access to our base except for one bridge and we just held a massive stranglehold on it until we got enough resources to start pushing out.
Then we fought a fairly short urban fight, flanked the enemy base, and destroyed it using a combined British-German tank force. And plenty of howitzer shelling.

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