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First spawn in DayZ

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First spawn in DayZ Empty First spawn in DayZ

Post by Stereo on Sun 25 Nov 2012, 6:42 am

>Spawns on beach
>>"Where the fuck am I?"

>Follows nearby train tracks
>>"Where do these go?"

>Branches off to hill to get better view
>>"Are those hangers?"

>Sees an airfield.
>>"Sweet! A 1911!"

>Loots 1911
>>"OH SHIT!!"

>Walks out and four zombies infront of me, they proceed to chase.

>Loses zombies
>>"I am low on blood. ;-;"


>Zombies wait over corpse...
>>"Friendly? :D"

>Wakes up. Nope.

>Is eaten on a beach. Under a tree.
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First spawn in DayZ Empty Re: First spawn in DayZ

Post by Bloodtrailkiller on Sun 25 Nov 2012, 9:15 am

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