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Deep in the Forest

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Deep in the Forest Empty Deep in the Forest

Post by Bloodtrailkiller on Sat 25 Aug 2012, 11:07 pm

Edessian forces invaded a small tract of land owned by a peacful tribe of Celts. Easily barging into the fringe areas, Edessian forces set up a foothold. They hired Iberian mercenaries to assist, which provided aid in the form of a heavily defended stronghold and multiple siege devices. The Celtic tribe retaliated through two major towns that harassed the Iberian stronghold. Counterattacks by
Edessian troops proved too weak to make a dent in the Celtic numbers. Mercenary troops circled around and surprised the Celts by attacking their main town multiple times, razing it to the ground.
Desperate to regroup, the second Celtic city was besieged and also razed by the Iberian mercenaries. The numerous smaller towns in the area resisted Edessian occupation, fighting back, but ultimately to no avail against the Iberians. So as to put a tale worthy of the Edessian history annals, they stormed the last Celtic village, bringing a brutal, bloody end to an invasion that, quite frankly, earned them nothing in the long run.
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