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Post by Aumnivers on Thu 05 Feb 2015, 7:24 am

I've been playing way too much Dune II recently, so naturally I've been attempting to revive and refine my pixelart skillzes.  Or at least become less awful.

Sadly, I'm too lazy to dredge up the folder on my old hard-drive that I flooded with crappy pixelart like six years ago, so you don't get to have that.  And then I stopped for a while.  

So yeah; everything here was made sometime between 2013 and now.

One of my ongoing works, which I started in early 2014 - those ships on the left are the earliest.  The style I devised as something I could mass-produce pretty basic spaceship appearances for ship sheets because I can't words.  Second column is from late Spring, third is from early- to mid-Summer.  Fourth is also from mid-summer.  Fifth is me breaking from the claustrophobic monochrome box I've developed a habit of huddling in recently whenever doing pixel-art, and working with a restrained but actually slightly colorful palette; made it over a week during the second(?) week of January 2015.  Still working on adding to it.

Those two thingies in the background are flags/emblems, since those two were for factions I took the time to flesh out.


Made this for a friend like a week and a half ago; he had sort of taken my original style and modified it by a lot, and we were bullshitting and whatnot and I eventually decided I would attempt to apply my newfound appreciation for dithering and palettes to the outlines he had on hand.

Experiment with the GameBoy palette.  December 2014?

And then, suddenly, motion!  This is from Autumn 2014.

Slightly before the previous one.  Half the reason I briefly flirted with animation is due to some conversation I had with a friend/challenge he threw at me I don't even remember.  So more-or-less like everything else I make ever.
yes i know that the missile rack can't possibly fit in a euclidean universe.  suck it, spacetime!

Once upon a time, a friend asked me to make some stuff for their SS13 server.  Sadly, that stuff was removed the moment it was used because ICCS was just an awful idea in general because I'm pretty sure that a space station filled with traitors, rogue AI, cultists, clowns, and carbon monoxide doesn't need guys running around with reactive-armor spacesuits and plasma assault rifles euphemistically calling themselves a cleaning service.

I think these were for a game I never finished.  Mid 2013.

This was made briefly after bullshitting with a friend about a nuclear spaceship as long as half the moon's diameter which we decided to arm with a free-electron laser running down its length - or some shit like that.  Early 2013.

Tesla cannon or something I don't even know.

Location : I'll fill this in tomorrow. Maybe.

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