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It sure is dead around here...

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It sure is dead around here... Empty It sure is dead around here...

Post by Vero on Sun 18 Jan 2015, 9:25 pm

that was a good one right there

Alright. Oslo and I made this RP idea. We're debating whether or not to post it immediately, but I think a lil' bit of community input is fine.

Since so many people in this community like creating their own unique and individualized characters, we were wondering if people were going to strongly push for people having their own races. If you want to, debate the idea and then also provide what race you would be using, even if it's just a general topic. Feedback on the plot and disease would also be appreciated.


The Global Pandemic of 2010-2013 was one of the most catastrophic in human history to date. An unparalleled amount of deaths occurred, climbing into the hundreds of millions. Simply known to today’s society as ‘The Disease’, between 2010-2013 it claimed between 50%-60% of the world’s population. Sovereign states fell apart as they could not handle the burden caused by such a loss in population.

Zooming in upon the United States, as the death toll rose, so did lawlessness. In Early 2011, martial law was placed in all states and territories within the US, and governors were replaced by military governors. It soon became apparent that as the republic began to degrade, so to do the security of those who resided within it. Soon only large towns and cities became safe as the countryside belonged to the bandits and those degrading from the ‘Disease’. As society continued to break down, by early 2013 only Washington DC, Seattle, Atlanta, Chicago, and Dallas remained as strong government-controlled centers which were free of the disease and general lawlessness.

However, our story further progresses to Chicago, where the unsanitary slums of the southern part of the city experienced an outbreak of the ‘Disease’. Causing mass hysteria, the city soon erupted into a series of riots against the military governor. Threatened with the total collapse and loss of governmental structure, within a month the government had evacuated and was heading north towards Canada to link up with the temporary relief government that had been established there. With anarchy ruling, thousands fled into the countryside in hopes of escaping the desolation that was taking place within Chicago.

Our story begins in North Dakota, where the remnants of those escaping struggle to move north into a military district set up by the Canadian military in hopes of creating a relief area for those attempting to escape. However, the situation there was far from the positive description that was told to those travelling there.

The Disease
Whether or not it is an actual disease is under debate, though the effects have already been extensively studied. Whether by some sort of bacteria, or virus, or what ever circumstance it is, a phenomena is created that results in the “Irrational Self-Preservation Complex”, otherwise known as ISCP. Irreversible brain damage causes the victim to either fall into a coma and perish, as in 30% of cases, or degenerate into an animalistic, slightly-deranged and insane human being intent on only eating and surviving. Since not much is known about this disease, the fact that infected humans rarely attack other infected is unexplained. However, it is known that the infected are entirely hostile to the uninfected, if only aggressive occasionally.

It is noted that the infected are capable of some higher thinking, as military observers have noticed the infected organizing into “tribes” and marking territory with crude signs and effigies. The infected also seem to scavenge clothes and materials to make basic weapons, as well as hunt wildlife for furs and meat. Human victims caught by the infected are often cannibalized, or otherwise infected through intentional exposure to infected blood.

Of note, the disease does not thrive very well in heat, and the infected have a natural aversion to intense heat, more so than regular humans. Neither do they survive in extreme cold due to sub-par critical thinking skills that would allow them to better utilize their surroundings. As a result, numerous civilian centers survive near the Equator or the frozen lands of Siberia and Greenland.

Character Sheet
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