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Interstellar States [ISS]

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Interstellar States [ISS] Empty Interstellar States [ISS]

Post by Vero on Sat 11 Oct 2014, 8:43 pm

June, 2478 A.D.

The Terra-Space Frontier was once a powerful government founded by Earth, with Earth now a sprawling wealthy metropolis that serves as the center of humanity.

However, the TSF lies in pieces. After a successful rebellion that began in the outer colonies and moved into the core colonies, the organization nearly collapsed due to the corruptness and ineffectiveness of it's high officials. The TSF was forced to cut ties with outer colonies, forcing them to fend for themselves. These leaderless colonies, through all the confusion and madness that follows anarchy, manage to either splinter or elect leaders into power to create powerful states. These colonies, now their own people, their own nation, depend upon their new leader to show them light amidst a future of darkness. However, obstacles stand in the way of these colonies, both foreign and domestic. They look to their singular leader, their savior who they place their ultimate faith in and will lead the state through these crisis.



ISS Historical Thread;
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ISS Nation/Colony Submission Thread and General OOC;
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ISS Military Submission Thread and Military OOC;
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Current Thread;


1. Before the TSF dissolved, they stationed troops in your colony to protect it. Naturally most of them left when they were called back, but a few deserted and chose to remain, usually those who were conscripted from your colony in the first place. They became the precursors to your current military, and specialized in a certain tactic:
A. Static Defense, the ability to erect impregnable fortress-like defenses, allowing them to hold the line for many a day.
B. Attrition, the ability to utilize guerrilla warfare to wear down the enemy until they lose the will to fight.
C. Scorched Earth, the ability to quickly destroy areas vital to enemy control, as well as mobilizing in a short time.
D. Patriotic War, the ability to rile up a stalwart populace into undying loyalty and to maintain the war far past the capabilities of your own army.

2. Before the TSF dissolved, they had trained troops on your planet in offensive actions. Based upon the military doctrine of the planet, the troops who remain were trained in a certain offensive tactic and specialize in it. They are the precursors of your military, and their specialized strategy is:
A. Blockade, the ability to cut off all enemy defenders from resupply and relief.
B. Deep Operations, the ability to use infiltration teams to sow chaos among enemy ranks and disrupt enemy logistics, allowing easy mop-up with your main forces.
C. Shock and Awe, the ability to completely devastate your enemy through the use of combined arms and attack all ‘targets of interest’.
D. Blitzkrieg, the ability of using combined arms to make breakthroughs in enemy lines.

3. A nearby colony invades without warning, though they are weak enough that they lack the ability to do any real damage to the infrastructure to your colony. Still, they are a pest and your militia will remove them. Your troops will have to be mobilized on short notice, so they will be under-strength. You will need to bring in reinforcements somehow. You can carry out the following policies:
A. Conscript dozens of the populace into the military to be used against the invaders.
B. Request aid from a nearby friendly colony.
C. Hire a band of mercenaries to assist.
D. Skip reinforcing and attack the invaders.

4. After the splintering of the TSF, your colony found that it had no specific role and quota set by the TSF. You have freedom in choosing a specific path your colony will follow into being a local power of the solar system. But first there is the issue of what you will need to deal with now out of all the problems that will eventually arise:
A. Encourage merchant trade with other colonies in order to balance out your resources and supplies.
B. Create more land that can be used for farming.
C. Set up military recruitment offices and repurpose TSF offices.
D. Negotiate truces and treaties with other colonies nearby.
E. Fund surface expeditions in search of minerals.

5. There's been a recent shortage of supplies, particularly food. There are protests in the colony that will quickly escalate into riots. You will need to do something about it. An adviser suggests these actions:
A. Purchase emergency relief supplies from a nearby colony.
B. Distribute what is left in the granaries to the populace.
C. Disperse the crowd using your military.
D. Kill the protesting colonists.
E. Enact a rationing policy and set a large quota for farms.

6. Some of the weaker colonies are banding together into alliances to protect each other. There is one nearby, their military practically non-existent. You could be able to secure control of the alliance for benefits. You have a few plans to would work:
A. Invade their leader colony and suck the alliance dry of resources.
B. Bribe the leader into asking the alliance to donate supplies.
C. Negotiate a trade pact with the alliance to secure goods.
D. Offer military assistance to the alliance in return for resources.

7. The TSF used to set up a governor in your colony to manage the daily business. After kicking him out, you will need to set up a new government, that is:
A. A Totalitarian government with a strict hold on the day-to-day business of the colony.
B. A Republican government that gives representation to the people, allowing them a hand in government decisions.
C. A Feudal government that gives control of sections of land to major colonial figures, with a centralized leader presiding over all of them.
D. A Dynastic Republican government that leaves the monarch in charge with most decisions, supported by a conglomeration of elected officials to oversee expenses and domestic needs. Monarchs come into power through bloodline of the previous Monarch.
E. A Constitutional Monarchy that leaves the monarch in charge with most powers, only limited by a constitution drafted together by the people.
F. Leave the colony without a government.

8. Before the TSF dissolved, your colony was a budding frontier colony that was set to a certain role dictated by the TSF. You don't need to follow that anymore, but your colony is still centered around their old role and will naturally be better off than other colonies in that department. Your colony used to be:
A. A farming colony that regularly shipped food off-world.
B. A mining colony that held several on-site factories to process metals.
C. A military depot that holds TSF military surplus.
D. A trade hub that was a frequent stop for merchant convoys.
E. A colony with no specific role due to poor TSF governance.

9. When the first insurgencies began in the fringe world colonies, your colony was soon swept up into the turmoil, and the colonists would support the TSF or UCS. Your colony eventually began to majorly support one side:
A. The TSF, sending supplies and recruits to TSF stations.
B. The UCS, sending supplies and insurgents to rebel colonies.
C. Themselves, keeping out of the conflict.

10. A rival candidate has started a rebellion after he was not elected as leader of the colony, which has transitioned into a potential rival faction inside the state. Before it can mature and become organized, you choose to:
A. Suppress the rebels with military and police forces, executing or deporting them to inhospitable rocks.
B. Negotiate a truce with them, allowing the rebel's leader and some of his high-ranking officials seats in your government.
C. Disperse the rebels into the slums with police force.
D. Ignore them, instead using propaganda and rallies to draw the people behind you.

11. Local university think tanks have challenged both conservative and liberal views of the colony's culture, leading to a massive debate as to where the colony will progress culturally. You choose to;
A. Follow through with conservative cultural values, promoting the cultural identity forged by your ancestors.
B. Follow through with liberal cultural values, progressing ahead and away from old values that 'hinder' advancement.
C. Invent new cultural values and establish them as the cultural identity of the colony under the new regime.
D. Ignore the debate.

12. Based upon new map boundaries drawn by the Terran Space Federation, the boundaries of ‘middle’ colonies and ‘border’ colonies have been redrawn. After these new boundaries have been drawn, your colony is located in;
A. The Border Colonies
B. The Middle Colonies

Thread Sheets

”Colony Sheet”:

Colony Name:
Colony Population: (Below 40 million, at least. It will grow more as it progresses.)
Colony State: (Militaristic, Peace-Loving, Isolationist, etc.)
Colony Government: (Government system used.)
Colony Political Parties: (If any.)
Colony Military: (How many troops.)
Colony Capital City:
Date Colony was Founded:
Planets Appearance:
Planets Relative Size:
Amount of Moons the Planet has:
Amount of Stars (AKA Suns) in the Planet's Solar System:

You have 10 points to spend in the following categories. This part of the sheet will also be turned in. If you do not use 10 points, points will be added randomly to different categories. If you use over 10, points will be taken away randomly from categories.

National Traits
Body Count:


What are national traits?
Body Count - You are a leader who believes that the state requires sacrifice, and any sacrifice made to protect your people and your sovereignty are acceptable.
Peaceful - You are a leader who believes that through peace you will advance and thrive. Your policies are one driven by peace, and you always desire to avoid conflict.
Dictatorial - You are a leader who believes that strict rule over your people is required. You fear unrest and anything opposed to your party, and will use force to stamp out any insurrections, uprisings, or protests.
Republican - You are a leader who believes in the democratic means of government and that the government is by the people and for the people.
Conqueror - You are a leader who believes that strength and statebuilding lies with conquering others. You have consistent war-mongering attitudes towards all those around you.
Diplomatic - You are a leader who believes that agreements can be met through talks. You are a strong advocate of peace, but will lean towards war when it is justified.
Honorable - You are a leader who is upheld towards morale bounds and believes that the value of your words and actions is what will lead your state to greatness.
Traitorous - You are a leader who cannot be trusted. Your consistent backstabbing and scheming has made those around you suspicious of you, and has caused large amounts of distrust to be placed in your government.
Conservative - You are a leader who follows the way of your forefathers, believing that the past is what leads to the future.
Liberal - You are a leader who follows new paths influenced by the past, advocating for reform and more government control.
Fascist - You are a strong-armed leader who believes in war-mongering and socialism on the national level. You’re driven forward by the desire to conquer and become a great power.
Trader - You are a leader who believes that through your economy you will rise to become a great power. You are a strong advocate of capitalism and economic galactic unity.
”Leader Sheet”:

Physical Appearance:
Clothing/Armor Appearance:
Party Supported: (If your colony has multiple political parties.)
”Military Sheet”:

If you plan on going to war with someone, this must be filled out. It can be filled out anytime before you go to war. It is customizable to your standards. The sheet must detail all the specifics of your military
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