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The Age of Heroes, an Ancient-era'd RP

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The Age of Heroes, an Ancient-era'd RP Empty The Age of Heroes, an Ancient-era'd RP

Post by Bloodtrailkiller on Thu 31 Jul 2014, 10:59 pm

So, I've got a little timid piece of an idea that mostly fancies my own tastes and that's the sense of Ancient era [Bronze age stuff, Roman Legionnaires, Greek Hoplites, and Germanic Berserkers] heroes.

It would be a bit more realistic take on the heroic proportions often spoken in those ancient tales, but it wouldn't be any less impressive.

There'd be characters with immense strength or unprecedented accuracy up to a mile; but it'd be set back in the age where steel was a mythical thing. Most weapons would be made of bronze or copper; iron if the warrior was lucky. 

I thought it'd be kind of interesting to have some good ol' killthings RP, most of the RP's we formulate are ridden with realism. Which isn't a bad thing, but it can get a bit overwhelming over the pure fun of an RP. Which is what I want this RP to be focused around;
Mindless Badass Fun.
Probably not too mindless... but still pretty Badass.

I think it'd be fun to unleash our inner ideas of badass like we'd done in Bonyase and DtHaba.
I mostly want to capture what made those RP's so intriguing, for me at least, in the first place. To culminate the ideas of awesome, whatever its cheesiness, then temper it with a mild seasoning of reality. Without overwhelming the original source.

Sorry if this is a bit[kinda really] disorganized, but do tell me if this intrigues you. Then we can further on and elaborate the original ideas...
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The Age of Heroes, an Ancient-era'd RP Empty Re: The Age of Heroes, an Ancient-era'd RP

Post by Keval on Thu 31 Jul 2014, 11:11 pm

It is interesting, even though I don't entirely enjoy this era.

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