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Post by TitanSeraph on Tue 15 Jul 2014, 1:52 pm" alt="" />

Name: High Templar Hyper Dimensional Extreme Range Linear Warp Gate Construct / HTHDERLWGC / "HT TECH WARP GATES / "Warp gates"
Class: High templar Relic, Technological Artifact, Ground based Teleportation device
Bio: A highly sought after high templar relic, the halcyons' more advanced ancestors. Very rare, and all land born. They are found around huge bodies of waters, often in undersea complexes.
To function, they require a solidĀ amountĀ of energy, usually similar to that used to power a large spaceship, a huge supply of water (which is mostly used for cooling and balancing) and wide arrays of quantum processing devices.

To the halcyons themselves, the warp gates are complicated, but it is understood they are one way gates. The vortex is roughly 5 meters wide in diameter. The warp gates are one way only transits - meaning the gates, upon activation, can only be used for one way trips, and must be triggered again from the other way, since matter cannot pass through the other way - but radiation can.

The warp gates store a 3 second version of what is to enter them, dematerialises the subject(s) on entry, and further down to the quantum level, to rematerialise them into the 3 seconds earlier version, meaning that they recreate what is sent through them, instead of making a copy, and that people sent through it never remember actually walking through it.

Warp gates are an oddity. The only way they can be triggered is by using harmonic radiations - which specifically dictate the ID of the gate they are to connect to. Beyond that, they cannot be interacted with. Stranger even, the huge crystal quantum computers found around them only process and store the information - the gate does not allow for external input. This, however, means that, were the high templar quantum computers to be destroyed, they can be replaced by a specie which found them.

On note, some warp gates are found with functional holographic interfaces, which act as a remote control to select pre stored harmonic keys." alt="" />

Location : Earth

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