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Aena Sarvensk, Valkrye

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Aena Sarvensk, Valkrye

Post by Sieg on Wed 30 Apr 2014, 1:15 pm

No it's not misspelled. The Valkrye are Lupean Elite Infantry, genetically and biologically modified winged Lupean capable of dominating the infantry-led battlefield from both land and air, infiltrating heavily guarded areas without radar detection and sabotaging aerial vehicles mid-flight, they are a terror to behold in battle for the infantryman without Anti-Air or Armour Support. Aena Sarvensk was one of the first Valkrye, a pilot in the FNPC First Airborne with a love of flight, she was a natural choice for the VALKRYE Program, and wears her wings, both natural and badge, with pride. 

Linguistic Notes:
Voreln - Fly/To Fly (Felarisian, Verb)
Sa Voreln - To Fly (Felarisian, First Airborne Motto)

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