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Star Wars

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Post by Keval on Wed 09 Apr 2014, 8:06 pm

After the Treaty of Coruscant, many planets seceded from theGalactic Republic to join the Sith Empire or pursue independence. The corrupt planetary government of Ord Mantell opted to remain loyal to the Republic, however many on the planet desired independence of their world. The resulting separatist movement sparked a civil war on the planet, with the government receiving backing from both the Republic and elements of the criminal underworld.

The Ord Mantell separatists established a network of underground bases from which they launched guerrilla attacks on government targets. The attacks resulted in the destruction of the Ord Mantell landscape and the destabilization of the government.

Investigation into the the separatist movement's roots revealed that it shared financial backing with theJusticars' Brigade paramilitary group—the backers being the Sith Empire.

At the end of the civil war, a portion of separatists led by General Ortol moved to Cademimu V. Cademimu governor Chornarov declared independence of the Republic, while Ortol and his men helped him take control of the planet and its missile defences. The action was met with resistance from Cademimu population. When Republic and Empire intervened, most of the separatists were killed along with their commander, General Ortol.

-Taken from Wookiepedia

Alrighty, so basically, RPers would have the choice to be a part of the Republic/Ord Mantell Armies or a part of the Mantellian Separatists (recommended). That up there is all the background you would need, and the basic plot, though I could use some help further developing the plot and elaborating in the "activities" RPers would be participating in.

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Star Wars Empty Re: Star Wars

Post by Guest on Thu 10 Apr 2014, 4:21 pm

Meh, don't really like the TOR era. Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War ftw. Post GCW with the Imperial Remnant is cool too.

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