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A Grim-Dark Medieval RP

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A Grim-Dark Medieval RP Empty A Grim-Dark Medieval RP

Post by Bloodtrailkiller on Tue 11 Mar 2014, 4:21 am

So, quite obviously, I've been binging on Dark Souls. And I won't deny that is spurring me on to make this type of RP.
I do not intend, however, to make a copycat of Dark Souls...

I do intend to make it hold the same atmosphere. And if you don't know; that atmosphere is the struggles of life and its victories. I intend to have the same idea of undead-ness. It's probably the only thing I want to keep from Dark Souls, hell; I'm willing to go into a different era entirely, if it will make you lot intrigued.

The plot I've got in mind is something I've grabbed from mythologies and various fantasy books; something I've grabbed and stuck in the kettle and mashed like mad.
The RP will follow a band of travellers; starting off with the people who are initially interested in this idea in its barebones, and slowly it will grow in size, kind of like a snowball rolling down the hill.

The band of travellers will be hunting, and be hunted by, various other bands of people; some of which may be created by FF's community. The idea behind that is to try and involve the entire community without them being required to actually make a character and devote themselves to making an interesting post, and instead allow them to think on possible challenges to throw at the few or many who do choose to devote. 

The band of travelers will be undead; in the Dark/Demons Souls sense. Wherein you die, though don't rightly die and turn into a lifeless flesh eating husk. Of course, assuming your character holds themselves above being a lifeless husk that sees no reason to continue on. That state is called 'Hollow', and it's irreversible in the DS series; however I think it would be intriguing to have characters the RP'ers get bored of, when they want to try RPing with a different personality, thrown into a wagon where they are continuously consulted with attempts to bring them back to grips, to keep fighting. This can take as long as the RP'er feels like RPing a different personality, or looking a different way.
Of course, this could be managed by the player themselves; or by a GM, determining their Morale. 
I believe either could work, the GM allowing a harsh and, hopefully, realistic scale of management of the character; so they actually have, in a sense, flesh. They could make themselves highly immune to being crushed by a death if they have a person or persons to lean on; but could be equally destroyed if said person goes hollow or splits away from that character.
I feel it could be very interesting, it would give the characters that much more depth and add a new challenge outside of 'How can I kill 'X' in the most logical yet imaginative way possible?'

I do intend to have a GM. To make actual living requirements come to fruition; meaning meals would have to be handled as well as sleep and other things. It won't be to an extreme degree; however, it will be a sort of nudge, a small
'Your stomach growls as your feet trudge onwards'
This would slowly render your character to the GM, not entirely, but enough that your character will begin to enact more and more desprate actions until their needs are sated. Ofc, these actions should be consulted with the RP'er instead of smashed in their face.

I believe I can make these systems come to be, though I do need to develop lore. If you wish to aide me, or simply state that you're intrigued, please; do post. I can do this on my own; though it will be a much more diverse world if I can get people to help me. None to mention it will come sooner.

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