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Let's play a game...

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Let's play a game...

Post by Bloodtrailkiller on Mon 20 Jan 2014, 1:34 pm

Alright, since I've been speedpainting lately, primarily in the mornings; I decided 'Hey, I think it'd be amusing to see what stories my frens will make of this'
So I was like 'Thas a good idea, imma doit' So here I am.
Basically, take a look at the pic and write a story behind it; it can be as serious or as stupid as you want, just something to do while you're on the shitter... figuratively or literally.
Host doesn't like my image, I apologize for the obn-
Just resized it, hopefully it's not so obnoxious.
I hope you enjoyed this active typed adventure of what goes on in my mind as I try to upload shit...
Not actual shit, of course, silly, just like... a general term for stuff... it's more manly.
haha... I should go to sleep. Its been about three minutes since the upload meter hit 100%... I haven't gone to bed... I hate myself ;=;
Waitno, I don't. Shuhhh keep those theraputic posts to yourself. You need'em~
Not saying you need therapy! just that like... fkkn... use'em at a better date.
Oh my god
HEre it comes
An hour later.

...No where near as good as I thought it was an hour ago. butfuckit
Crayon style ftw. I love expressing my inner child... I forgot what I was doing and I'm too tired to reread. GL;HF.
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Re: Let's play a game...

Post by Guest on Mon 20 Jan 2014, 2:09 pm

Three people heretics clearly didn't praise the Sun.

They brought doom upon us all.

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