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The Iapetus Protocol

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The Iapetus Protocol Empty The Iapetus Protocol

Post by Guest on Wed 15 Jan 2014, 6:55 pm

Awkward timing but I swear this wasn't due to Heretic's post; damn you and your beating me to something of this type!

Anyway, I'm wanting to see if anyone would support a sci-fi RP that follows a group of mercenaries hired by a freshly created group that is willing to take contracts for work from any benefactor; What I'm thinking is each person who joins can have a certain skill set, favoured weapons and what have you and I will think up of a small plot line to get along with. Each individual would control a member of the team; roleplay would be split between "off-duty" which could be interactions with the others on-board the ship or in a dock, then to "On-duty" where the roleplay would follow the team through their mission to the end.

They would most likely travel around on a small ship to get to their destinations. They will be independent from governments so its not a pro-human deal nor is it a military program, but what I'm planning for the first idea is that they accept contracts from governments (E.G The ruling human organisation) that wouldn't be so diplomatically friendly to other factions if they handled the job themselves.

Possibly what I have planned for the first contract is a recovery mission from a ship that crash landed on a planet in a de-militarised zone between the Humans and a different race, the Humans had moved the ship into the area for an undisclosed reason and having that ship being analysed by the opposing faction would cause great tensions between them, so the team is required to insert and take all sensitive data and if possible, actually detonate the reactor to destroy it. Obviously I won't make it that simple, but that'll be the mission basis. 

I'm not sure if it would benefit from a sort of progression system? E.g. if a mission is complete/every so often people get a cash injection and can add more weapons/equipment to their sheets to allow for more dynamic approaches to missions? Sort of thing I want to run past people.

And look! I've not made it historical this time, Rejoice you Bibliophiles!

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