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Post by Vero on Sun 05 Jan 2014, 11:10 pm

I believe A Paradise in Hell needs some editing plot-wise, since it was a one man show and posted without review by other people. Here's the current Role-Play/plot.

Texas, 2021

The world of 2021 was much different to that of the past. The world lies in ruin, civilization a shadow of it's former self. Among these times, despair erupted, but only the strongest survive. In 2016 the third world war broke out and it only lasted four months. The United States, under attack from all sides, launched illegal chemical weapons at all countries, with some missiles even failing and plunging back into the United States. When a peace agreement was reached on a critically battered world, the second disaster struck only imagined in the nightmare's of conspiracy theorists. People became infected by the US' chemical weapons seeping into the  water supplies of countries. Millions fell ill and eventually reawakened into cannibalistic savages who only cared about feasting upon the uninfected. States that had not been affected soon experienced the cataclysmic outbreak as infected poured over their borders and tore through their populaces like a hot knife through butter. The world fell apart as governments fell apart, turning the world into anarchy. However, among all the despair and confusion in the world, some regions rose. Chief among them was the region of Texas, who experienced growth of governments as people pulled themselves together. A great drought that spread across Texas and still majorly affects had significantly weakened it and caused the weaker among the survivors to die off, along with turning western Texas into a desolate wasteland of sand and rock. The reforming of governments in Texas also allowed for the infected to be beaten off, who had slowly gained enough intelligence to understand the basics of community and reproduction. However, even the animals were infected, the infection mutating them into beasts designed to hunt and kill it's prey. Among all the events happening in Texas, survivors would rise to the challenge of survival. They would survive, endure, and conquer their challenges or die trying.



The Republic of Texas
The Republic of Texas was formed two years after the apocalypse from military remnants of the Texas National Guard, mayors who survived the apocalypse, and survivors seeking refuge and a safe place to settle down. With the capital in Houston, the Republic encompasses eastern Texas, parts of northern Texas, parts of western Texas, and parts of southern Texas. Most districts of war-torn Houston (roughly 70% of the city) act as a barrier between the actual city and where the considered 'slums' are. A three year project has finished the walls of Houston, which encompass the actual city with walls the stand one hundred feet tall. Similar to Houston, Dallas is also another walled fortress city of the Republic. The democratic government elects a new Chancellor every eight years, and allows citizens of the Republic many luxuries not afforded by non-citizens. The Republic's military mainly patrols the roads leading to towns, not bothering to patrol the wasteland areas inside the Republic.

The Cult of the Call
The Cult of the Call is a large nomadic group of religious fanatics who believe that God called the apocalypse upon them, and only sacrifice of the unworthy can bring the old world back. Composed of dozens of nomadic 'tribes' that consist of both humans and savages(infected), the followers of the Cult have adopted Aztec-type sacrifices, sacrificing any unlucky survivor they find to their God. Because the wastelands of western Texas are that of infertile sand, the tribes are largely cannibals who feast upon other humans and any animals they can find. Being largely nomadic, some of these tribes have the tendency to enter territory of other factions and both recruit, feast upon, and sacrifice the inhabitants of that faction before escaping to the wastelands. The Cult has no capital or recognized leader besides God, who all tribes bow down to and serve fanatically.

The Confederation of the Rio Grande
The Confederation of the Rio Grande consists of both Mexican and Texan forces from both sides of the Rio Grande who united under one banner. Believing that Texas still rightfully belongs to Mexico, the Confederation is the remnants of the Mexican government who have gained imperialistic tensions because of the apocalypse. The true capital of the Confederation does not sit near the Rio Grande, but rather in Baja California at the port city of Santa Rosalia. The Confederation's expansive navy makes it an extreme threat, as they also seized control of the Panama Canal and repaired it to working status, allowing for the Confederation to have naval forces in both the Pacific and Gulf of Mexico. The Confederation claims Baja California, most of southern Texas and northern Mexico, along with some parts of the western Texas wasteland.

The Washington Sentinels
The Washington Sentinels are the remnants of the US government in the Texas region, consisting of mostly military and political remnants of the US government along with some people who follow the belief of a reborn US government. While considerably the smallest faction in the Texas region, they control many military-grade vehicles, weapons, and equipment, including some attack helicopters and main battle tanks, making the Sentinels one of the most dangerous factions to fight with. The Sentinels have adopted a realistic belief that the only way for the US to return is through the use of force against other factions, making them a highly militaristic faction. Most of their 'cities' are actually US military camps that have been converted into expansive fortresses with underground complexes. The capital of Camp(Fort) Mallowkay hosts the central hub of Sentinel government activity and is located near the border of what was once Oklahoma.


Rules and Guidelines
•Joining the Role-Play obligates you to stay active in the posting of it. Those who cannot stay active should either remove their character from interaction or will be killed off if they do not comprehend.
•Realism is obviously a major point in this Role-Play despite the unrealistic proportions of the plot that lead up to the story. Anyone who is considerably overpowered will be warned, and if they continue, will be removed from the thread.
•While sex is indeed a part of mature content rating, it is highly advised to not happen unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. The community enjoys a great Role-Play, not a sexual orgy.
•Killing off a character with your own requires you to seek approval of the character's owner. Since the thread would rather not have OOC in it, an OOC thread will likely be created where you can ask this. It can also be done through any other ways outside of the actual Role-Playing thread.

If you have read and WILL comply with all the rules posted above, please put the following sentence after your completed character sheet;
I have read and accept all the rules of this Role-Play.

Character Sheet
Physical Appearance:
Clothing Apparel; (Please put pictures in a spoiler)
Biography: (Six sentences is the minimum)
Extra Notes:
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