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Post by TitanSeraph on Sun 05 Jan 2014, 7:39 pm

First of, a little bit of text.
Tentacles are usually linked with hentai, rape and generally "not nice" and untame topics.
In fact, I am pretty sure I've never seen tentacles being used on friendlier terms, with subjects such as the tentacles / tentacle creature actually being intelligent, having sex with someone who was actually willing, and so on. So here is a "tamer" tentacled character.
Still, NSFW warning.
Background information of Melise:
 Melise comes from the world Teriem IV. An organic, plant and sea based creature, she hails from the Fersian specie. They live for 200 years, and while rather inteligent, are fairly harmless. Well developed in social sciences, they live in a water based planet where all life lives in the sea.

Fersian go in heat every 2 weeks. Fersians are all hermaphrodites. Fersians breasts fill up towards their heat with thick juices and meaty, fleshy energy rich orbs. Their eyes seem to have a hypnotic trance ability, which is their main defense mechanism.

Their tentacles function like squids (You know, how they use them to swim?), but tend, due to the way they have evolved, to be used in groups like regular limbs. Fersian do not have bones, but instead hardened jelly like structure.

Melise is specifically a fighter pilot. And a pretty good one. Due to her seeing the world in full 3D (Being a sea creature), controlling crafts both in air and space become far easier to her. She is very protective of herself, and tends to wear a lot to conceal herself (unsure if robes or cloaks yet)


As per usual, constructive criticism and comments welcome :D

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