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Post by Guest on Sun 15 Dec 2013, 12:26 am

So.  I started this in January-February 2013 and got pretty far until I just kind of stopped because lazies.

Then I picked it up again in the Summer and made a few changes and added like those four windows and a few other improvements and then just kind of stopped again because lazies.

And then early in the Fall I changed up some colors and removed a few floating hologram thingies and added a few more things and then stopped again because lazies.

I found this earlier and considered fixing it up/redoing it but ams lazies.  So here's 1/4 of it (the rest was like boring enough that I didn't feel like including it).   I advise you view it at full size; is like 800x450 or something.

Oh, and by the way, here's where I was in that 1/4 on... file says last modified February 12th!

I still think that looks a lot better.


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