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some rp I had on roblox a while ago

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some rp I had on roblox a while ago Empty some rp I had on roblox a while ago

Post by Saxi on Tue 10 Dec 2013, 5:57 pm

It is 2014. Yet another governmental uprising is taking place in the 
United States, in the form of a single small group of assassins. With no 
definite name, these assassins have a burning desire of overthrowing the 
government. They are all elite, all specialized in usually a single thing. 
Their leader, a fearless character that sparked the fuel, so to speak, 
gathered the group, all different but sharing a single goal.

To kill.

The assassins have started killing minor politicians, the killings 
becoming more frequent with time. As of late, politicians have been hiring 
more and more bodyguards. They are becoming paranoid, and, for the 
assassins, that isn't necessarily a good thing. 


Conartist (2), Stealth (1), Muscle (3), Hacker (1), Connecter (1), Supplier 
(1), Informant (1) Persuader(1), Strategist (1).

The Conartist- it's pretty self-explanatory. The master of disguise. Can 
hide in plain sight when security all over the world is searching for this 
character. Usually has a large amount of costumes, and can also easily get 
someone interested, grabbing their attention away from everything else.

Stealth- Mastered by the leader of the group. Ultimately silent when 
walking or running, when they're trying to be. Very sneaky, and a master at 
hiding. Tends to stick to smaller weapons, knives, pocket guns.

Muscle- Muscles are the backbone of the group. They hold it together, 
protect the members and make sure all their 'kind' gets back safe and 
sound. They aren't afraid to make some noise, though will usually only it 
if necessary.

Hacker- The Ha.cker does just that- hacks. Ha.cks into government systems, 
or the target's computer to gather some sort of information on their life 
(or even just through a coded door/to shut down security cameras.). 
Computer geeks, pretty much.

Connecter- These ones hold everything in place. Arrange meetings, make some 
phone calls, and even get an important figure contacted. Suppliers and 
Connecters usually always have to work together to let their jobs sail 

Supplier- They get in the weapons, uniforms, etc., without leading 
officials to their headquarters and other locations.

Informant- They provide information on targets or other figures. Like the 
Supplier and Connecter, the Hacker and Informant usually work well together.

Persuader- They are masters at changing a person's mind. They come off as 
being very trustworthy and someone that you would like to be friend's with, 
but that is simply a mask of deceit.

Strategist- They plan the assassinations, and how the chosen assassin 
should approach the target.

yes no maybe? 

just kind of an idea

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some rp I had on roblox a while ago Empty Re: some rp I had on roblox a while ago

Post by Mr One on Wed 11 Dec 2013, 6:26 am

I like it ^_^ kinds of reminds of a RP I was in years ago with assassins.
Mr One
Mr One

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