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Meet Ulfannus, Dovahkiin

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Meet Ulfannus, Dovahkiin

Post by Bloodtrailkiller on Mon 09 Dec 2013, 8:44 am

Ulfannus. Back from a perillous voyage, lost in the millions of tomes on Tamriel, he refuses to remove his armor (except when neccesity deems it so) and strives his utmost to be chivalrous and honorable.
He's driven by a self-determined way of peace through violence. Often times, his imposing stature and heavy armor deter foes; though he still gets into many fights.
Ulf refuses to speak of why his voyage was sent out, and what he saw; though he tends to change the subject to, either, unification of Skyrim for the better of all, or how the Sun is magnificent...
...He had come alone on his ship; and was more than affected by the perils of being out at sea.
His ship sank as it came into Solitude's port, and ten fishermen had to haul him from the beach, so heavy was he, his armor, and his weapons. He smashed the face of the Fisherman who was going to try and get Ulf fresh air from his helmet "In the name of the Sun". Said Fisherman almost died from the cartilidge jamming close to his brain.
Ulf is very nice, kind, chivalrous, and all that a knight should be; however, he is undeniably crazy...

He uses a steel broadsword with a simple round shield, a unique two handed axe, and a crossbow; not all at the same time... usually.
I'll be sure to put up some dramatic action shots soon. This screenie also reminds me I need to activate Dynavision/DoF again :u
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