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Chat Box Rules

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Chat Box Rules Empty Chat Box Rules

Post by Vero on Sun 08 Dec 2013, 9:10 pm

The chat box is now the most heavily used communication device on the board, therefore it receives it's own set of rules and guidelines. There will be strict adherence to the chatroom rules and guidelines or punishment will be dealt out. Below are the listed rules and guidelines that must be followed while participating in the chat box. All levels of the forum, including the Administrators and Moderators, must follow the rules and guidelines. All punishments will begin to be taken down officially by January 5th, 2014. Special circumstances from before the date will still apply.

I. Arguments within the chat box will not be tolerated whatsoever. Any arguments occurring within the chat will result in a ban for all participants of the argument.
II. Hostile or provocative members inside the chat box will be removed either permanently or temporarily.
III. Conduct inside the chat box should follow the Forum Guidelines and expectations of the community. Failure to do so will result in punishment.


• Based upon the behavior of the user, the user will either be kicked or banned. Kicked users should not return to the chat box for sometime or risk receiving a ban.

• Users who continually violate rules will be banned either permanently or temporarily by moderators and administrators for a set date that will not be released to anyone outside of the Staff.

• Permanent bans are not and will not be temporary. Permanently banned users are barred from the chat box for life. A list will be created when the first user is permanently banned, and any abuse of power by forum staff by unbanning them will result in severe punishment for the staff member(s) who unban permanently banned members.
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