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Sci Fi Collab

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Sci Fi Collab Empty Sci Fi Collab

Post by Travis on Mon 04 Nov 2013, 10:24 pm

This post contains a direct post from piratepad for continuation here with minor edits to slightly help legibility.


Humanity was among the first to walk the stars, among the first races to see the galaxy in its glory. They spread far and wide, developing a number of technologies to assist them. From the ability to prefabricate entire colonies to drop on planets to nano printing [3D printing] entire vehicles. However, humanity was not united. From this slowly grew a feeling of resentment, no one is sure where from. Somewhere, a bio-weapon is released. The effects were fast and devastating, with FTL communications collapsing rapidly. The bio-weapon's plague spread, out of control. In just a few short weeks it had spread from the core worlds to the edges of the outland colonies. Despite the expectations of the deadly strike to come, it never came. Just as fast as it had begun, the bio-weapon burned out, leaving entire sectors silent. Those spared were among the few that had managed to maintain isolation from the event.

In the wake of this disaster though, other races have begun to walk the stars., finding these relics of the humans hidden among the stars, remnants of a grand empire now fallen. From here, the isolated colonies kept their secrecy, fearing amongst themselves the power of the bio-weapon. Yet, as time passed, the colonies opened themselves up slowly, meeting with the strange new races that walk amongst the stars. To some, the humans are as sacred as the technology they left behind. To others they are just another race. The result is all the same. Corporations and, indeed, entire factions have begun to seek out and reclaim as many relics of humanity as they can. However, in this Gold Rush for artifacts, law has quickly faded, leaving the core sectors of human worlds as a lawless no man's land, to which life and limb is risked in the name of Fortune and Fame.

*crowd applauds*

-Player Roles-
They would likely take the place aboard some cheapie border-running vessel (maybe multiple vessels), operating for hire within the "core sectors"

-Four Possible Opening Plot hooks-
Where the bio-weapon came from
The discovery of a human archive
Black/Grey Market runs
Mercenary Call

-Unresolved issues-

[[Technological level of Humans/Aliens]]

Human tech a mere shadow of its former height, how much more advanced is the alien tech?

Probably not as advanced, if they're regarding it as powerful artifacts

Human standard technology is less advanced than the standard of the aliens, but if they have easy access to the old technologies, they have an edge in that arena.

I thought there was something here, was there?

[[The number of "Factions" in the Core Sectors]]

Ideally should be some odd number, to keep the cliche of "2v2" from happening

13. It's an unlucky number.  True.  Apollo 13 launched at 13:13 CST and look at what happened to them. Oh cheese nips. alrighty, 13

[[The Influence "Outer Sector" factions have on the core sector. ( Military/Cultural/Economical)]]

Enough to technically capture worlds in the human core.  Not enough to actually hold onto them for long.  Culture-wise,  probably not much unless they actually consolidate their holdings.  Economy wise, yes, if they consolidate their holdings.  Invasion is difficult because there could be a fleet waiting on the other side of the gate for all the attackers know.

Partially depends on human connection to the aliens at the time of the bioweapon deployment, culturally,and economically, as well
(and possibly during/after it)

Sci-fi Western for outer sector, ala Firefly influenced idea? That in my opinion would be incredibly interesting?
I'd tried for an RP like this; definately up for it. Space-Western honestly is among one of the ideas that is underused. It could allow for some different roleplay ideas, instead of "Yeah, the outer sectors arn't AS powerful because they're just divided. They could kick everyone's ass if they felt like unifying, but they're just divided."
...I don't get it Thats the idea with the outer worlds right now. They effectively, united, can kick everyone's ass. But the only REAL difference between them and the core is that you cross a border every 2 seconds. Similar to Germany, pre-1880's. The life in them is effectively similar to comparing Russia to America, Russia is going to have a lower quality of life. But its really similar to a great degree.
I see.
I agree then; a degradation and reliance on older ways would be more interesting.
Maybe supercharged or rail mechanisms added on select weapons? Rail/Coilgun Revolvers?
Less modern transport, reliance on horse-and-buggy and a primarily agrarian society in some areas, with degredation back to pre-1930 being possible? Why would they need to rely on horse+buggy if they could still manufacture/salvage weapons? Some regions wouldn't be able to manufacture due to the degredation. But surely if they can't manufacture some form of automated vehicle, they won't be able to maintain their advanced weaponry? Who said those regions HAD said advanced weaponry? Possibly they're relying back to gunpowder in said regions due to tech-loss. The above posts made me seem like we were going after Firefly, and the above mention of rail mechanisms/coil guns. Plus if some nations had to rely on gunpowder they wouldn't be very useful to reclaim anything, unless their ratio was very small compared to the more advanced. Reclaim? Why are we so focused on salvage from everywhere again? The mention of the power of the outlying worlds IF they grouped together/united. This idea is to smash that idea down, so that that DOESN'T happen. So that there is a REAL difference betwen the frontier and the core, other than crossing a lot of borders. So you want to stop the outlying worlds from holding power through unity? So you want the galaxy to effectively be homoginous with no difference in life-style, quality of life and technology through out? Well, the way I read it was it sounded like the goal is to go around and smash some people in robes with coil guns. The goal was to prevent a 100% homgenous galaxy with no difference anywhere in it, instead of "Oh, yeah, the frontier didn't really suffer that much... uhhh, they were divided? But there is no difference btween Core and Frontier..." So, if the outlying worlds were to unify this would present the issue of a homgenous galaxy?

[[The Ratio of "Soft" to "Hard" Sci-fi]]

General  Sci fi softness: Not quite as so with Andromeda, but SIGNIFICANTLY more  soft than what our own group works with is preferable. It also seems to  be what the others present on FF (BTK, Keval) seem to want.

So it's as soft as a cake?

Or soft as wet paper?

[[The level of "Scarcity" for Humans]]

Humans scarcity: Outside their corners of the galaxy, they should be rather rare to go along with the collapse and bioweapon strike.  Except the occasional colony established purely because groups fled human space to escape the bioweapon. RUN FORREST RUN

[[How is FTL Comm to be handled?]]

By communications systems held within the gates themselves? The FTL communications collapse can then be explained by deadman switch related to the bioweapon taking out the command crew of the gate. - Slip/Aumn

[[What is the nature of the Bioweapon?]]

Psychological?  Designed to cause dissent, but be otherwise mostly harmless?

(Owl) ^ Perhaps halloucinations/hallucinogenic? causing the basic instinct of fight or flight of the natural population;humans begin to war amongst themselves as they view the other humans as a threat or flee to escape the ensuing hell-hole. -Might not affect all humans the same way, allowing some to flee instead of fight.

Ebola-like and designed to cause bleeding from pores in order to cause death by haemoraging and other symptoms?
Destroyed food crops and ate some basic metals?
Making certain things unusable?
Requiring Repairs upon finding such relics?
So no one gets OP? Yes. That sounds fair, and gives the humans the value as linguistics from them understanding data on the relics in the first place if a crew with them manages to acquire relics. They don't need to train someone to understand the language, just have a human translate for them since the already know the language.

As was suggested, a virus similar to the Pax-Virus from Firefly which the VAST majority of affectedHuman populations to lie down and go docile. The incredibly tiny remnants however, turn into overly-aggressive space-pirates that don't loot. They just rape and kill for the fun of it and to cause people to go insane to make more of them?

My concept (slip) the Bio-weapon caused somewhat quick breakdown of biological structures. attacking cellular regrowth, in simple terms. you didn't heal after being injured, parts of your body would begin to die, while other parts would begin to decay into breeding grounds for infections. This would begin to happen over a weeks time perhaps, so initial contact isn't obvious. However, in an agitated state, caused by extensive activity, it begins accelerating the breakdown. meaning a standard civilian would take a while to break down, while a solider in the field could begin to breakdown in a few hours/days. Further psychological terror would likely follow simply by the decaying victims are still fully alive until critical breakdown of vital organs.
-Beowulf + Viking Stamp of Approval

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Sci Fi Collab Empty Re: Sci Fi Collab

Post by Travis on Wed 06 Nov 2013, 6:23 pm

Well...I guess we should probably get to work on this as a thread then :l

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