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Monster Hunting RP | Possibility for Master-Key

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Monster Hunting RP | Possibility for Master-Key Empty Monster Hunting RP | Possibility for Master-Key

Post by Bloodtrailkiller on Mon 14 Oct 2013, 4:22 am

Moved, slightly, from my SNK collab.

Though this will be more based around Monster Hunting. And it will branch over the most common eras, ie; Ancient, Medieval, Napoleon, Colonial, Pre-Industrial, Modern, Present, etc. with each person creating One house from the first RP and slowly building it over eras/time.

It will be fairly basic in plot-sense. A band of persons set out for glory in the beginnings of empires, slowly rising in silent fame as they protect humanity and eliminate monsters. Or whatever is nonhuman, given persons ideas.

With that in mind, your characters will be killable; often very easily. However, the possibility of death will be weighed out by the possibility of great accomplishment. And, you will be consistently building your family's history. Whether by you or a selected person; I, as the manager/moderator of the RP, will be actively recording everyone's notable accomplishments.

The RP will take place in our current world and progress through that timeline with minimal changes, so as to reduce confusion.

Monster Hunting
Make your own Family Tree over time
Basically, a rogue-like, like UnReal World, or Dwarf Fortress.

Does anyone have anything they would like to ask about or offer to add?
Me:Add: Just to mention, there will be a sort of... no-hostility at the start of the RP, so people can get their houses on relatively stable ground. Oh, and houses won't require TOO much attention. They'll simply be like family-trees; though the possibility for massive attention is there for those who are ambitious enough to start new colonies or fortresses or towns...
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Monster Hunting RP | Possibility for Master-Key Empty Re: Monster Hunting RP | Possibility for Master-Key

Post by Vero on Sun 27 Oct 2013, 4:54 pm

I've never tried my hand at somthing like Dwarf Fortress, so I'm completely lost.
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