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Plagued: Safe Haven falls

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Plagued: Safe Haven falls Empty Plagued: Safe Haven falls

Post by Mr One on Sat 28 Sep 2013, 8:00 pm

"This is not a drill. Repeat. This is not a drill."
The siren blared around the city as it came under attack.
What was she to do now. It all started with her coming to her boyfriends house just to tell him that she was leaving for her new job as a fashion consultant in another country . They had a really bad relationship. It seemed like everyday it was just going down and down and down. He was a slacker, she was always motivated and obviously, it wasn't working. So just for his sake, it was only right to tell him. So she went to his house, preparing her words on the elevator. The elevator door opened and there was Simon. He was Lisa's friend since high school. They met in their science class where they pretty much hated each other. He didn't like that she was a glossed up Barbie doll with her expensive clothes and a texting freak. And she didn't like that he was a snitch and always thought it was his obligation to always tell on her, just her. But after compromising after being partners on a project that they were both into, they finally became friends, but best friends. Ever since then, Simon has always protected Lisa no matter what. He even tried protecting her from that couch-potato-no-life-goals boyfriend she had, but he just never understood what attracted her to him.

She then walked up to Simon to say hi, and he greeted her back. They talked for a moment but of course the conversation turned towards her boyfriend and she didn't want to really talk about him. She told him what he wanted to hear and he was eventually happy but he had to see it with his own eyes. When they walked into the room, they saw Lisa's boyfriend getting eaten by some guy. They stared for a minute, shocked at what they were looking at.

"What....the...fuck?!" Lisa said confused and horrified.

The man turned quickly and looked at them, his eyes blood red and his face very dead looking. His teeth were black with blood and guts all over and holding pieces of intestine in his hand. "Shit!" Simon yelled as he took out his handgun at the now rushing zombie. He shot him square in his head and blood splattered everywhere. "Come on!" He grabbed her hand, and both of them rushed to the elevator heading down to the ground level. Lisa was in a state of shock, tears streaking down her face. A ping and the doors opened to reveal more people running, screaming, and falling victim to these things. Another shot.. Ahh!" Lisa squealed as some of the blood drizzled on her. "Shhh," Simon said. "What do you mean shh! I have blood all over me! And you tell me to shh!?" She yelled at him, her attitude front and center. Simon sighed and shook his head. "Remind me next time not to help you out," he said as he prepared for the worst. Gunshots were heard as people tried to defend themselves.

Safe Haven has fallen..

Anyone interested?
Mr One
Mr One

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