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Humanity's fall

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Humanity's fall  Empty Humanity's fall

Post by Mr One on Wed 07 Aug 2013, 7:47 am

The year is 3030. It's been 30 years since they came. First we lost contact with mars, just the odd snippets of radio feed every now and then.. Something on the lines of. "There coming, everyone is dead" Then the Moon went silent. And then.. they came. Ships appearing in the sky, great giant structures like some of our own. They just waited there.. unmoving no signs of life yet we knew something was going to happen. A week later they began to bombard us, in major cites all over the world. New York seemed to suffer the most the buildings becoming skeletons of their former selves. Of course we fought back. As if we would stand by and let these fuckers attack us. The battle is still raging..

Now you may be wondering how we lasted 30 years? Well that's because we have a secret weapon. A cloning droid machine.. That's right most of our people fighting at machines, yet are so human in every way. They feel emotions and pain and bleed like we do as to not arouse suspicion of the remaining leaders of the world huddled up in a bunker.. Weird I know but there you have it.

So here we are New York city and your going to bring the fight to these bastards. Good luck.

Any thoughts?
Mr One
Mr One

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