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Post by Guest on Sun 04 Aug 2013, 5:47 pm

Alternate history stuff. I had an idea, primarily based off a Hearts of Iron 3 game. Basically, the USA joins the Axis. Germany takes Poland, and Norway. Hungary invaded and annexed Romania. Italy, Nationalist Spain, and Switzerland join the Axis along with Holland and Denmark. Then Germany invades France in 1940 and fails to defeat France in a timely manner. It drags on to 1943, and by this time Switzerland, Italy, and Spain join in. The United States declares war on Canada and Mexico and takes over. Most of South America joins the Axis and the countries that don't fall to US army and friendly nations.

 But in September 1942 Russia declares war and invades German held Poland then Germany itself along with Romania/Hungary. When Russia is nearly done with Germany, France falls and becomes German territory in 1943. The Swiss, Germans, and Italians fight back but are ultimately defeated when Britain invades Normandy, Spain, and Portugal. In 1944 America invades Britain and conquers the Isles after the British Navy fails to fight off the US Navy. Russia attempts to assist are unsuccessful as two carrier battle groups and six battleships decimate their small navy in the channel. 

After this I had invaded Normandy from across the English channel and was fighting British forces for France. But my game crashed and my save was far back. 


Also  I forgot to mention China joined the Axis. Japan failed to join the Axis and didn't go to war with the USA (me). Sweden was in the Axis too I believe. German forces retreated there. This means the only Axis strongholds were all of the Americas, bits of Asia, and Britain which had been taken by an American blitzkrieg rampaging down from scotland and taken in a week.

Basically my idea is that we could be in a resistance movement in Britain at this time? Or we could be Americans in Normandy trying to dislodge the British remnants from France.

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