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Apocalyptica Empty Apocalyptica

Post by Kazran on Sun 04 Aug 2013, 2:10 am

The New Earth

World History
Fifteen years ago, the world went to hell. It wasn’t the Atomic Wars, though those did help the devil claim his due. It sure as hell wasn’t a natural disaster. No. The human race didn’t go out with a bang. It was with a whimper. 
In 2030 A.D a private military corporation called the Dragon’s Army manufactured an atomic weapon. It was a grenade. It caused a localized explosion equivalent to ten fragmentation grenades of the same size. They used these weapons to take over Madagascar. They locked down the nation for five years. By 2035, the Dragon’s Army had managed to not only unify the nation, they had also created atomic pistols. They dominated the entire African Continent. The United Nations attempted to prevent the Dragon’s Army from spreading, but slowly they started taking over the Middle East. They managed to capture several key oil fields. The UN had little choice but to send in a global defense force. The schematics for the pistols, now called Dragon Claws, were captured and circulated among the Global Defense Force. The Dragon Claws were much more taxing to mass-produce than the Global Defense Force initially expected, leading most scholars to believe that the Dragon’s Army only used the Dragon Claws sparingly. 
The GDF armed every single infantryman with the Claws, and such a feat proved too much for the nations of the world to support. The war lasted another ten years, and ended in 2045 with the Dragon’s Army being defeated at a high cost to the GDF, and the nations who were members of the UN. Slowly, each nation went bankrupt, starting with Greece and France, ending with England and China. With the bankrupting of the nations, came the slow creeping destruction of society. First the police disbanded, then the military itself disbanded, leaving people to fend for themselves. 
Raider bands cropped up, and Communities banded together to protect themselves from the Raider bands. This is the new way of life. This is the new norm. This is Apocalyptica.
There are generally six kinds of people in Apocalyptica, though there are always exceptions to the rules.
The first three are the “base” kinds of people, while the last three are a mix of one or more other kinds of the “base” people.
The Communal: These are the people who live in small communities with other Communals. They tend to stay in one place, and are slightly friendly towards the Gypsy, while mistrusting of the Loner, and hating the Raider and the Rover. They’re usually heavily armed and armored, and they usually have a very low mobility.
 They are organized into Communities with a Mayor and a Sheriff. The Mayor is responsible for making sure everybody is contributing to the Community’s well-being, while the Sheriff enforces the rules. Large Communities are Communities with 100 + people and will usually appoint a Deputy for every ten people over 100. 
The Loner: These are people who wander Apocalyptica, they are usually scavengers and the Communal don’t always trust them. They view them with some suspicion because they can never tell if the Loners are actually working with a Raider Band. They tend to wear camo and use light vehicles and armors, as well as light vehicles. Most don’t like the Communal, but they can be persuaded to help them given the right price, whether the currency is material or spiritual it is up to the individual Loner. The same goes for helping the Raider. They are usually neutral towards the Gypsy, though sometimes they join them or work as guards and protect the Gypsy. They have a very high mobility. Loners have no organized structure, though occasionally some form Packs for safety. Packs are usually free to join and leave, and don’t usually have a leader.
The Raider: As the name implies, they raid and pillage the Communities and may set upon the Loners and Gypsy caravans. Almost everybody hates the Raider, including members of other bands. They will usually use heavy weapons and vehicles equipped with light vehicles to bug out when they need to. Most Raider Bands have a centralized base that they operate from, though it’s not unlikely that they will become Rovers. The Raider usually has a medium mobility. They are organized much like a Community, although they combine the role of Mayor and Sheriff into one person. 
The Gypsy: A combination of the Loner and the Communal, they travel in caravans with other Gypsies and sometimes even with Loners. They mix the Communal’s heavy vehicles with the Loner’s light weapons and high mobility. Sometimes, they don’t even use weapons and rely solely on the goodness of their Loner guards. They have a Caravan Captain who is responsible for maintaining the Caravan. They don’t usually need to enforce laws on members of the Caravan, although some of them do have rules for joining.
The Hermit: A combination of the Loner and the Communal, they have high armor and very low mobility. They live alone, and usually rely on heavy weapons to keep their enemies away. Sometimes a Hermit will live with a family, but this is usually a very rare occasion. Usually the strongest hermit in a family is the head of it.
The Rover: They combine the heavy weapons of the Raider with the high mobility and light to medium armors of a Loner. They use hit and run tactics to get what they want. Sometimes they are Loners turn bad, but more often than not, they’re an ex-Raider who has decided they were bored with their band and joined a Roving group. The Roving Group functions much like a Pack, however, there is almost always a clear leader. 

Armor is very important in Apocalyptica. There are three armor types. They are Light, Medium, and Heavy. Light armor can withstand light fire arms fired at a distance, but not up close. Medium armors can withstand heavy weapons and light weapons fired from a distance, as well as light weapons fired up close. Heavy armors can withstand heavy weapons and light weapons fired from a distance, as well as some heavy weapons for a time. 
I won’t restrict your armor names to things like bullet proof vests and flack jackets, you just run your REASONABLE ideas by me, and I’ll look them over and tell you what classification it should be. 
Weapons are just as important, and they have several scales that determine whether they are Light, Medium, or Heavy weapons.
The first is the Magazine Capacity. A high Magazine capacity is considered an automatic weapon, and will lower their accuracy.
The second is Accuracy. A high Accuracy score will reduce the Magazine Capacity, but it will make it much harder to miss a specific part of the body. 
Fire Power is determined by magazine capacity compared to the accuracy score. A low Magazine Capacity with high accuracy is going to have more fire power than a medium Magazine Capacity with a high accuracy score, while a low accuracy score with a low magazine capacity is going to be very weak. A high Accuracy score with a High Magazine Capacity is the ultimate weapon, and are extremely rare. There is only one type, and those are the Dragon Claws. You will not find this weapon very easily, and it is the only weapon that you are barred from starting with. 
The general rule of thumb for ranged weapons is:
Dart guns, pistols, hand crossbows, and short bows are Light weapons.
Rifles, full crossbows, and compact bows are usually medium weapons.
Sniper rifles, shotguns, machine guns, and Dragon Claws are heavy weapons.

Melee weapons also have their own scales.
Speed – How fast you can swing the weapon.
Force – How hard you hit with the weapon.
A high speed but low force weapon is a light weapon, while a low speed but high force weapon is medium (or a high speed with low force), and a high speed and force weapon is obviously a heavy weapon.
The general rule of thumb for melee weapons are:
Knives, broken bottles, and small hammers are Light weapons.
Clubs, sticks, fence posts, and hatchets, are Medium weapons.
Sword-like weapons, sledgehammers, and wood axes are Heavy weapons.
Certain things can modify these weapons and increase them up a level or down a level. For example, a baton with an electric current running through it is a heavy weapon with Medium weapon speed. 
There are several “classes” which you can pick from. Picking a class is pretty much picking a starter package of weapons, armor, and an ability. You can’t customize it as much as making your own “class”. I will list these below, as well as the “specialty” classes that are only available to certain kinds of people. Specialty classes get one bonus ability. To use the “Class” simply put in their weapons and armors.
Public Classes:
Primary weapon: Hunting Rifle (Medium Weapon)
Secondary weapon: Bowie knife (Medium Weapon)
Armor:  Light
Ability: Survivor – They know which plants are good to eat, and where to find animals. Usually.
Primary weapon: M-16 (Medium Weapon)
Secondary weapon: Glock (Light Weapon)
Armor: Medium
Ability: Gunner -They take good care of their guns, and don’t run out of ammo as fast as others.
Primary weapon: Combat Shotgun (Heavy weapon)
Secondary weapon: Wrench (Medium weapon)
Armor: Light
Ability: Engineer – They can mend just about anything provided they have the materials needed.
Bush Doctor
Primary weapon: Machete (Heavy weapon)
Secondary weapon: Sleep dart gun (Light weapon)
Armor: Light
Ability: Herbal Healing-  The Bush Doctor knows various herbs and poultices and can use this to heal himself and others, usually only light wounds. 
Specialty Classes: Communal
Primary weapon: Hunting rifle (Medium)
Secondary weapon: Pitch fork (Light)
Armor: Light
Ability: Farm – Farmers can grow food and crops as well as gather them.
Primary Weapon: Glock (Medium)
Secondary Weapon: Stun Baton (Heavy)
Armor: Medium
Ability: Hand to Hand combat – they are specialists in unarmed and bludgeons, like the Stun Baton.
Medical Doctor
Primary weapon: .22 rifle (Light)
Secondary weapon: scalpels (Light)
Armor: Light
Ability: Surgery Training – the Medical Doctors can perform surgery and heal greater injuries than a bush doctor.
Black Smith
Primary weapon:  Sledgehammer (Heavy)
Secondary weapon: Glock 17 (Medium)
Ability: Smith – They can create things, but they can also repair g

I need help figuring out classes for Loner, Raider, Gypsy, Hermit, and Rover.

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Post by Keval on Mon 05 Aug 2013, 5:24 pm

Not done reading it, but interested so far.

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Post by Guest on Mon 05 Aug 2013, 5:26 pm

Yeah it's interesting.

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