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sci-fi war RP idea thing

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sci-fi war RP idea thing

Post by Guest on Wed 19 Jun 2013, 7:22 pm

The planet was at first a halcyon dark breed colony, with it's whole populace, taken over and colonised by the draken (dragon anthro people) who colonised on the rich planet and it's old ruins. As time went on, the dark elves engaged forth the draken, outnumbering and pushing the draken in the ruins and old caves only they knew.
Eventually, another specie came forth, attempting to take over the planet the zeyatwin, large warlike reptiles, which led to a heavy warring between the two warring species, which ended up dividing the planet between them two, signing a treaty, and earning independence. As time went on, with the two large factions often attacking each others' borders. 
The dark elves are led by the proclaimed emperor and his son, while the zeyatwins are led by their warlord Zee'k. 

But the peace was soon broken, as the emperor's son was murdered. With the emperor having no heir, war has broken out again. Making the planet, named "Central node", a rich planet, soon became a large center for military and mercenary operations, with loads of militaristic opportunities.

Other species come into play, the planet being divided even further with the lorkaines (psychic space elves) having come in for the planet, and the draken having gathered up to awaken the halcyons at their ruin citadel. 

And soon, more and more species pour in.
"Central Node" is a rich, desertic/tundra planet.
The planet is divided in equally sized continents, and is mostly flat desert/tundra with artificial rock and black roads, and many caves. The planet has both ruins of halcyons (Which turned to sandy rocks) and draken (medieval like), sandy planes with short vegetation, and odd deltas and rivers, which link to large pools and islands, althought these are poor and depleted. The planet is very rich in minerals.

The dark elves's cities are made from landed ships which have been repurposed. Zeyatwins being mostly mines, quickly built divided villages and camps. The lorkaines having fairly quickly built cities. The lorkaines build The lorkaines build quickly, the dark elves have a solid hold, and the zeyatwins are too far appart and well divided for attacks upon them to be lethal to their society, making the independent groups having a very long, difficult war. The surviving drakens and rebels from other species have access to wide arrays of cave networks, and the access to the halcyons' warpgates give them very safe travelling
So basically, we'll be some of the rebels.
So basically, we'll be some of the rebels.
Preparing for a huge rebellion
And our freedom
 For our planets.
 From the undergrounds and beneath the earth.


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Re: sci-fi war RP idea thing

Post by TitanSeraph on Fri 21 Jun 2013, 8:02 pm

Species could be changed, etc.

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