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Post by Vero on Tue 10 Jul 2012, 4:24 pm

[ Accessing Database . . . ]

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[ Search: "Timeline_Relevant_to_this_Era" ]

[ File Found . . . ]

[ Retrieving Data . . . ]

[ Opening File . . . ]

2225: The ISA is created from the UN. Mass colonization begins.

2245: The Helghan Corporation colonizes a near inhospitable planet. It is later renamed Helghan after the company.

2265: The Helghan Corporation goes rogue and attacks several colonies. The ISA are overwhelmed, but their superior technology lets them fight
back and eventually defeat the rogue colony. Helghan is left in economical ruin and a great depression takes over.

2300: Scolar Visari takes power through his promise to rebuild Helghan. He also inspires the people of Helghan to separate themselves, and they
name themselves 'The Helghast'.

2310: Visari remains true to his word. In 10 years he turns Helghan into a military superpower. The Helghast then invade Vekta, a colony they lost during the First Extrasolar War. Fierce fighting takes place.

2312: The Helghast are forced to abandon Vekta after a large-scale ISA counter-attack. Vekta lays in ruins with thousands dead.

2313: Operation Archangel takes place. The ISA attack Helghan, attempting to strom the capitol of Pyhrrus and take Scolar Visari prisoner. After heavy fighting and enormous losses to the ISA, the Helghast detonate Red Dust, a nuclear device stolen from Vekta, in the capitol. Almost all ISA and Helghast troops are wiped out. Despite all odds, a small team of ISA troops storm Visari Palace and defeat Visari's Royal Guards before murdering Visari himself. As a Helghast counter-attack obliterates ISA forces, almost all of the retreating forces are either stranded or dead after both evacuation cruisers are annihilated. The remnants of the ISA go into hiding. A scramble for power among the Helghast soon goes wrong, as the ISA remnants counter-attack a now-forming Helghast fleet preparing to invade Earth. During the counter-attack, the two contestants for power in the Helghast, Admiral Orlock and Chairman Stahl, fight. Orlock is killed and Stahl destroys most of the invading fleet with a new prototype cruiser shielded by nuclear petrusite. However, the ISA forces commandeer space fighters and harass the cruiser, forcing it into orbit before blowing it up. The cruiser's nuclear petrusite missile load explodes in atmosphere, irradiating Helghan.

2325: The ISA reform into the UNSC. The Helghast slowly begin to rebuild.

2400: The Chimera make landfall on a now rebuilt Helghast planning revenge on humanity. The two factions soon begin to lock into an ever-lasting battle for almost 160 years.

2525-2553: The UNSC discover the Covenant, and a 38 year war ensues. At the end of the war, humanity and their new-found Sangheilli allies are
victorious, but all of Earth's colonies are glassed and most of the human race is exterminated.

2559: Helghast troops arrive on Earth. After intense negotiating, the Helghast get a piece of land where they murder 14,000 innocent civilians.

2561: The Chimera, following the Helghast, make landfall on Earth at the same time as the remnants of the Helghast arrive in Darkona, Helghast's new nation.

2563: UNSC scientists try Pure Chimera DNA on troops. At first, they seem to be the perfect super-soldiers they need. But then they turn rabid and begin killing their comrades. UNSC forces call them 'The Cloven'. It is unknown exactly how many were given the Chimera DNA, but most suspect it was over half the UNSC Marines, which was around 30,000.

2562-2567: The War of Evolution begins. The battered UNSC military desperately fights off the growing Chimera menace. The Helghast also assault the Chimera numerous times with minor success due to their previous knowledge against the aliens. The Sangheilli are warned to stay away from Earth. With humanities defeat and the Chimera no longer needing human bodies to convert, they go on an exterminating process while transforming Earth into a freezing iceball. 90% of the human race, including Helghast, are wiped out. Humanity is on the true verge of extinction. During the war, the MA5C and other weapons are replaced as they are to cost-effective and time consuming to manufacture. The UNSC turned to earlier weapon designs from previous centuries.


Though the Cloven did not physically change into Chimera, the psychological stresses of their Chimeran condition drove the Cloven insane. The Cloven were able to hold on to their individuality, though, and as a result have traits of both Chimera (inhuman noises, parts of their DNA, eating their dead) and humans (appearance, speaking known languages). However, the Cloven have no known alliance with either group, and are hostile to both. On the day of their transformation and madness, known to the them as the "Angry Night", the Cloven intended to escape westward from Russia, where the UNSC DNA centers were. Once reaching western Russia, the Cloven took over Moscow. Their activities in the capital city were reported by survivors that they kill, cannibalize, and kidnapped ordinary people. For reasons unknown the Cloven only abducted women; however, these abductions are somehow connected to the 'Leiban Geist'. Following the destruction of the UNSC defense line in Western Russia, the Cloven migrated to Europe and settled discretely in many secluded locations, such as Paris' underground catacombs or abandoned towns. Furthermore, the Cloven later expanded to Britain by either hitching on refugees ships that were bounding to Britain or having followed the underground tunnels which the Chimera had dug under the English Channel during the Chimera's invasion of Britain.

Throughout 2565, the Cloven were beginning to be frequently noticed by the public due to their barbarous acts which includes cannibalism and gruesome remains they leave in their wake. This caught the attentions of various human government organizations in which attempts in making contact with the Cloven further ended in violence. Through the entirety of the Evolution War, the Cloven were rarely seen engaging in any conflict. However, it is appeared otherwise as a detachment of Cloven fought against the Chimera and were witnessed by UNSC soldiers near Lancaster. These Clovens actually lured the Chimera they fought to York where they deliberately coordinated a conflict between the Chimera and Helghast forces during Operation Overbear, allowing the operation to end in failure.

Cloven physically resemble a normal human, but some move and act like animals, crawling on all-fours and using growls and roars to communicate. Their common appearances are having pale skin, bald head, and worn-out fatigued uniforms.

Rules (Needed this time around.)
1. Survival based Role-Play. No going on an unstoppable killing streak.
2. Food, water, and all that other junk is needed.
3. You can die. Just make another sheet.
4. You will be warned if you are overpowering your character.

Character Sheet:
Physical Appearance:
Clothing/Armor Appearance:
Weapons: (If any.)
Biography: (Required.)

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Re: Done.

Post by Vero on Wed 11 Jul 2012, 11:29 pm

Finished. Bump.
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