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Post by Vero on Mon 04 Jun 2012, 3:21 am


2016: Members of NATO and other countries have combined over the past few years to create the BMDS. In the Pacific, Bikini Atoll is used once again as the testing grounds. All four nuclear missiles were destroyed by BDMS._

2018: Mongolia is annexed by Russia. UN delegates, mainly American and British, testify to this. No actions are done to prevent any further annexation._

2020: France annexes most of Spain and Portugal with it's now massive military. Since 2013, the French have built their army up to the equivalent of the US armed forces. The UN demands an immediate withdrawal by French forces. After a refusal, 27 members of the United Nations declare war._

2021: Operation Falling Castle is discovered by French Spies. With no accurate detail other than an attack on the French coast, spies assume the attack will take place in Normandy due to it's strategic value, and due to the fact that Normandy is known for it's French fortresses there._

2022: The US launches Operation Falling Castle, backed by NATO during January of 2022. The year before, one of the most worst and violent snow storms in history hit eastern France. Incredibly, US and NATO Forces bypass French defenses at Normandy, with two Abrams' thrusts meeting and encircling Paris. Paris is under a full scale assault by UN forces in less than a day. German and Italian forces are bogged down by snow, and do not meet up. The bulk of the French Army escapes annihilation._

2023: Lines have been drawn in the soil as they had been 100 years earlier during the First World War. German and Italian Forces have not broken through the snow, as another brutal snowstorm had stopped their assault in it's tracks. In early March, all contact is lost with German and Italian forces. On March 9th, Russian forces open up an assault on the UN forces at their snowy flank. Battles traverse from trench warfare back into open warfare._

The Assault on Paris_

UN forces moving through the rubble of a French town. The UN's overwhelming manpower came from both the United States and Canada. Spanish Remnants also helped UN forecasters determine how to attack the French before the invasion._

Russian Soldiers overwhelmed and annihilated both German and Italian forces. Russia annexed every country it could on it's way to support the French. Almost all of Europe is apart of 'Greater Russia'._
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Re: Stuffing

Post by Wehrmacht Cat on Mon 04 Jun 2012, 6:14 am

I'm glad that China's staying out of this one.
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