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Post by Bloodtrailkiller on Fri 27 Apr 2012, 12:14 am

As a result of impending execution, an esteemed explorer turned Bandit leader, turned his eyes to the ocean once more. He set up posts offering plentiful pleasure and wealth, along with infinite happiness in an island not very known to the drunkard or bard. An island that was assumed fictional...
The Island of Norfall.
Charts are few and misleading; finding the island is of utter devotion to the cause. The Bandit leader; named Morok'kai, was of simple birth under a human-Orc family; grew up in the exploration guilds and devoted his life to helping the Kingdom of All. He grew into love with the princess of the King, the King rejected proposal and left Morok'kai heart broken. Morok left to banditry and proceeded upon its' path.
Little do the shipmates know; the Morok'kai restrains rumors from them. Tales of Sea Monsters and Harpies prowl the open ocean to Norfall; more than the average in the other areas of the land.
A mage has come to acquaint him; clad in dark robs and his face forever hidden by a mask; no one bothers him but he casts an eerieness described only by mad men
Now, Morok'kai waits in his ship off the coast of Karfall, and your on your way there.
You enter the ship and are greeted by chanting and general merry making, in the midst of it; a man sits solitaire and writing off men to the ship, you walk over and are instantly given a piece of paper...

Heirloom Weapon/Tool:[something very good]

In time, the ship will leave and you shall embark upon your journey to Norfall...

Enviroment~Desert-Mountainous/snow, a desert oasis,
Races~Amphibious Elves[], A race of reptilian desert dwellers who resemble snakes in the most part,Dwarves, Arid Elves

Jobs/clases:Squire, Knight, Marksman, Bandit, Highwayman, Merchant, Smuggler, Sea man, Jester of the Blood, Assassin,Necromancer,Miner, Tribal Squire, Tribal Wanderer, Tribal Outcast, Elvish Warrior, Warrior, Mercenary, Wanderer, Priest, Death Guard, trapper Varying others

Weaponry: Artifacts[VERY RARE], Deadly/Good Heirlooms [not so rare],Revolvers[rare], Volcanic/Lever action pistols [rare-exclusive], flintlocks[exclusive],Heirlooms[common], Enchanted Weapon[Rare], Staffs/Magic staffs[exclusive] Blades[Very Common], Bows[Fairly Common], Cross bows [Common-military], Possessed weapons (EXTREMELY RARE)
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