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Soz, I has epic Idea.

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Soz, I has epic Idea.

Post by Vero on Sun 14 Aug 2011, 1:12 am

Halo, you make 1 fucking fight on here I will delete any post you got.


500 BC - The Roman Empire, while on conquest within Gaul, discovers several strange chemicals. When the chemicals are brought to Rome, the Emperor and 2 Royal Guards create Gun Powder by mixing the chemicals.

496 BC - Roman infantry are given Black Powder rifles.

475 BC - Rome conquers Gaul. Rome begins a new campaign against the African Nations.

432 BC - Africa is conquered. Rome moves on Greece.

410 BC - As war nears the nation of Sparta, Spartans are dispatched to deal with the threat. The Roman Army is routed in 1 decisive battle.

405 BC - Roman infantry in the field construct the first cannon and use it against a small Gaulic force. It reports with outstanding success. Cannons begin to get mass-produced.

398 BC - Sparta is put under siege by hundreds of Roman cannons. The city falls in 234 Days. All the men, woman, and children are slaughtered.

356 BC - Rome begins a conquest in Asia after conquering the Mediterranean Sea.

342 BC - The Roman and Persian Empires lock in combat. Due to Rome's superior weapons, the Persian Empire suffers a grand defeat. Out of the 15,000 Immortals sent, Persia's elite soldiers, 56 come back unharmed. 334 come back crippled for life.

301 BC - The Roman Empire conquers the Persian Empire.

232 BC - The known world is conquered by Rome. Gaulish people flee to the isles which would become known as Britain.

188 BC - The residents of the Isles of Britain create Percussion Cap guns. Black Powder becomes obsolete.

154 BC - Roman Scouts discover the Gauls that fled to the British Isles.

153 BC - A large Roman War Fleet crosses the English Channel. Roman infantry and armored cavalry make landfall. A smaller Gaulic Army engages the Roman Army with Percussion Cap Rifles. The Romans are chased back into their boats and are forced to flee.

152 BC - The Gauls line the Southern Sea Border of Britain with cannon emplacements. They keep the Roman Navy at bay as the Gauls create a massive Army and War Fleet.

151 BC - The first isle the Gauls land is named Britain.

149 BC - The Gaulic Shipyards become their own country. The country is named Wales. Farther North, the Gauls named another country, Scotland. Scotland hosted all of Gaul's Training Camps.

143 BC - The Roman Navy attempts another invasion. They are held at bay by Gaulic cannons.

142 BC - The Roman Navy punches a hole in the Gaulic defense. Roman Marines overrun the Gaulic defenders. The Marines then engage a Division-based army of Gauls. The Gauls are defeated as the Romans swarm into the hole.

134 BC - Wales comes under attack by Roman Marines. Up north in Scotland, an army of 75,000 is amassed and marches South.

133 BC - The Romans whole conquest is shattered as the Gaulic Army defeats Roman Marines in decisive battle after decisive battle.

131 BC - The Southern Sea Border is restored to its previous might.

129 BC - The Gauls of Britain name themselves as British people. In Scotland and Wales, similar ideals happen.

127 BC - The Persian Resistance, the remnants of the Persian Empire, flee to the island that would become known as Japan.

125 BC - The British Warfleet of 1,300 ships is completed. A British-Scottish Army numbering at 150,000 board onto ships that would ferry them across the English Channel.

124 BC - The British Warfleet engages the Roman Fleet. The battle ends in 15 minutes. The Romans loose their whole fleet. The British loose 2 ships. Ships ferry the British-Scottish Army into present day France. 650 Ships from the Warfleet head south towards the Mediterranean Sea, looting every Roman Port they find.

123 BC - The British-Scottish Army, with superior weapons and tactics, engage and defeat Roman Legions. Gaulic Resistance forces join up with the massive Army.

121 BC - The British-Scottish Army plunges into Italy. The 650 ships from the British Warfleet arrive, and terrorize the coast while defeating Roman Warships.

119 BC - The massive Army enters Rome and sacks it. The current Emperor is beheaded by a British General's saber. The Persian Resistance names its Island Japan. They cut off all outside contact, isolating themselves.

117 BC - The Italian Peninsula is conquered. Another Army of 65,000 Volunteers is created in Italy.

115 BC - British Marines make landfall in Greece. They engage a Roman Legion at the ruins of Sparta and decimate it. The Romans are chased away as the British Warfleet lands with more Marines. The British-Scottish Army and Italian Army march across land towards Greece.

114 BC - A large African Army crushes Roman Legions in Africa.

113 BC - Greece is rid of the Romans. Africa is freed of the Roman Strangle-hold on it.

112 BC - 76 BC - After nearly 30 years of fighting, the Roman Empire is defeated in present day China.

72 BC - Bolt-Action Rifles are created in Britain.

64 BC - Artillery is perfected.

( Note: From 63 BC - 1743 AE houses are constructed of wood, clay, or stone. Metal was used towards weapons, equipment, and everyday items. )

55 BC - Germany is formed under several border treaties.

53 BC - Italy, Greece, France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Hungary, Macedonia., and Turkey follow Germany's example.

52 BC - 24 BC - Over 70 countries are formed. Europe is named as a Continent.

23 BC - The War of Irish Succession occurs. The Irish win independence.

19 BC - Russia is named as a country. Country Leaders in Europe and Asia complain of the land Russia beholds.

16 BC - Revolvers are replaced by Semi-automatic pistols.

14 BC - The first sub machine-gun is created in Germany.

13 BC - The first machine-gun is created in Germany.

6 BC - Grenades are nearly perfected in Spain.

0 BC - British calendars turn to AE. Other countries turn to AE as well.

1 AE - The European Pact is created. All countries are put under strict peace protocol. Asian nations war among themselves for land and power.

289 AE - The European Pact is renewed with new peace policies after over 250 years of the original European Pact.

300 AE - More countries are declared and sign border treaties.

(Note, from 300 AE to 900 AE Europe is under strict peace protocol. Asian nations and African Nations have several huge wars, with massive casualties and hundreds of battles. Important wars are listed below. )

307 AE - 325 AE - The Iraqi War

340 AE - 460 AE - The African Civil War

491 AE - 507 AE - The Indian Rebellion

521 AE - 536 AE - The Russian-Chinese War

555 AE - 867 AE - The African - Middle-Eastern War

856 AE - 891 AE - The Second African Civil War

901 AE - The first automatic rifle is created. It is dubbed as a "Assault Rifle".

943 AE - The Russian-German Treaty is signed.

944 AE - China attacks Japan. The Chinese-Japanese War begins.

956 AE - A French fleet sails across the Atlantic to find new land.

957 AE - The Americas are discovered. The French Fleet returns.

960 AE - A Russian-German fleet lands in present day Virginia. They set up small towns.

967 AE - The Russian-German town thrives into a city. English people land in the city. England dubs the land as "America".

999 AE - English settlers encounter natives. The natives are named "Americans".

1,001 AE - The first skyscraper in the world is created in America. Using a clay and stone foundation, the wooden skyscraper stands at 600 feet.

1,005 AE - Europeans and the "Americans" make good relations. Under a treaty, a town is formed which is made up of both Americans and Europeans. The city is named Vicksmond.

1,008 AE - Vicksmond turns into a large city.

1,010 AE - The first Sniper Rifle is created. Women are allowed to enlist and fight.

1,020 AE - 1,500 AE - Europeans migrate to America. 27 colonies are created. The colony of Canada becomes recognized on 1,319 AE.

1,501 AE - After nearly 600 years of fighting, Japan becomes victorious over China.

1506 AE - Louis D'everattepunt discovers Plasma-based weaponry.

1509 AE - The first Plasma-based rifles are released to the English and French Armies.

1510 AE - The English-French Pact is signed.

1525 AE - More countries create plasma-based weapons.

1530 AE - Laser based weapons are created.

1531 AE - Due to tests, soldiers are required to wear cloth instead of metal armor to hamper internal damage and metal melting with the skin. These effects take place all over Europe and America. The Asian and African Nations, still warring among themselves, ignore the new technologies and fight with ballistic-projectiles.

1535 AE - After 25 years of talk, America declares freedom from England, France, Germany, and Russia.

1536 AE - The American War for Independence starts.

1537 AE - PRESENT DATE - Due to uniform issues, French and English soldiers wear red uniforms while German and Russian force don blue uniforms. American soldiers don blue uniforms as well. The 4 allied nations make landfall in Virginia and are met with little resistance at the coast. s they travel farther inland, they engage a American brigade in urban combat. The allied nations are forced to retreat. The allied nations make landfall across all of the East Coast.

Alright, I have uniform pictures, but I need weapon pictures. They have to be Plasma or Laser based weapons only.
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Re: Soz, I has epic Idea.

Post by Kazran on Sun 14 Aug 2011, 1:50 am

Interesting concept, I like.

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Re: Soz, I has epic Idea.

Post by Goat on Sun 14 Aug 2011, 1:54 pm

Nevermore wrote:Interesting concept, I like.
I agree with this statement

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Re: Soz, I has epic Idea.

Post by Guest on Sun 14 Aug 2011, 2:20 pm

I could get you some laser and plasma weapon pics.


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Re: Soz, I has epic Idea.

Post by Guest on Sun 14 Aug 2011, 2:32 pm

Laser Rifle:

Oh btw, that thing at the top isn't a scope, it's a energy cell.

Carbine/Shotgun variant of laser rifle:


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Re: Soz, I has epic Idea.

Post by Guest on Sun 14 Aug 2011, 2:50 pm

Plasma Rifle modification by ~DarkLostSoul86 on deviantART:


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Re: Soz, I has epic Idea.

Post by Vero on Fri 09 Sep 2011, 11:47 pm

American Soldier's Uniform

French Soldier's Uniform

British Soldier's Uniform

Russian Soldier's Uniform

German Soldier's Uniform and Line Battle Formation
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Re: Soz, I has epic Idea.

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